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The League of Women Voters of Wyoming is 60 years old in 2016. Help us celebrate and provide more voter information and assistance with a birthday donation.


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If only all of us could look this good on our 95th birthday!

The 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote, turns 95 today—and it still stands as a shining moment in America’s ongoing journey to meet the ideals of our country’s founding.

The League of Women Voters was born in the fight for the 19th Amendment’s ratification. In celebration of its 95th birthday, we’ve hauled out some vintage pictures of ordinary women who led the fight for its ratification.

I hope you’ll take a quick minute to enjoy this nostalgic look back at the last 95 years.

And I hope you’ll stand with us as we continue to defend the voting rights of all Americans from fresh attacks today.

In League,

Elisabeth MacNamara




White House Announces “Healthy Communities Challenge”

LWV US arranged for all State League Presidents to join in the conference call with President Obama and the Secretary of Health and Human Resources and several others involved in the application of the Affordable Care Act to all citizens. Click here to read more about the "Healthy Communities Challenge" the President is launching.


LWV 95th Birthday