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Nancy Lockwood
President, League of Women Voters of Wyoming

Wyoming Legislature 2022

The Budget Session begins Monday, February 14. The League of Women Voters of Wyoming will share weekly updates with members and voters across the state on the Elections and Government page.

Election Security

The League of Women Voters of Wyoming believes that voting is a fundamental right that must be supported and protected. We oppose legislation limiting those rights that discourage voting, add expense, and create unnecessary barriers. Voter fraud is not occurring in Wyoming.

Wyoming election are secure:

There is no evidence of voter impersonation.

There is no evidence that current absentee voting laws, use of ballot drop boxes or early voting have resulted in any significant abuse.

Restriction on voter choice of party affiliation eliminate options and discourage voting.

Secretary of State Ed Buchanan on security of Wyoming elections: https://sos.wyo.gov/Elections/Security/

Making Democracy Work Award

The League of Women Voters of Wyoming honors those who support and foster good government. On the Making Democracy Work page, see the list of past winners. The 2021 winners are Jeremy Harder and Gino Palazzari. The award was presented during a Gillette City Council with a public reception on July 14th.


Although the League of Women Voters does not support candidates or parties, we take positions on issues after we study them. See positions relating to voting and good government on the Elections and Government page, and other positions on the Issues page.

Election Materials

See our past Legislative Reports, recordings of candidate forums, and past Voter Guides on the Elections and Government page.

Voting Methods

See the Elections and Government page for a video of our presentation. We joined a concurrence with other leagues on improving voting processes at Convention 2020.