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LWV WY State Convention 2014, Brown, Herman, JenningsThis summary was written by LWV Lobbyist Marguerite Herman, using information compiled by the Legislative Service Office. Find the information on the LSO Website On the home page, select “ 2011 Legislative Redistricting.”

Every 10 years, based on the most recent U.S. Census, the Wyoming Legislature must redraw legislative district lines to assure that substantially the same number of people reside in each district, to adhere to the principle of “one man, one vote.” The Wyoming Legislature has 60 districts in the House and 30 districts in the Senate. Each is a single-member district, represented by one person. Until 1992, the Legislature had multi-member districts based on county lines. Legislators were elected at large from counties, without regard to where they lived.

The 2010 U.S. Census puts Wyoming’s population at 566,626. Divided by 60, the “ideal” population of each House District is 9,394. The Legislature wants to keep district numbers plus or minus 5 percent of 9,394. Our population is large enough for one at-large member of the U.S. House of Representatives. States with larger populations will be adjusting congressional district lines this year, as well.

The Corporations Committees from the House and Senate have been meeting jointly since the 2011 Legislature adjourned to work out a proposal that evens out numbers and respects local desires to be grouped together. Their proposal is House Bill 32. Some form of the bill will be passed during the session that starts Feb. 13.

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