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This Voter Guide was prepared by the League of Women Voters of Laramie and has been a regular election feature of the Laramie Boomerang for many years. The League (open to both men and women) is a non-partisan political organization which neither supports nor opposes candidates or political parties.

Questions specific to each office were prepared by the League. A questionnaire was sent to all candidates on September 10 at the address provided at the time they filed for office. If they gave an email, an identical questionnaire was sent electronically. Both stated a deadline of September 22. Those who had not responded by the deadline received phone calls and/or emails, indicating that “no response” would appear if they did not respond at all.

There are 65 candidates on the Albany County General Election ballot. Responses were received from all but five; those are identified in the brief introductory statement for each race.

Candidates for the same office are listed alphabetically. There are several different districts or wards in some races. For those, the district or ward is listed in numerical order, with candidates listed alphabetically. For partisan races, political party is indicated by (D) for Democrat and (R) for Republican. Independent or third-party affiliations are spelled out in full.

The candidate’s own words are used with no editing by the LWV or the Boomerang, except to correct words obviously spelled wrong, and to cut up from the bottom if a response was over the word limit of 75 words per question. Three dots (…) indicate that a portion of a sentence was cut when a response was too long; four dots (….) indicate a sentence or more was left out for the same reason. Any grammatical errors are the candidate’s own.

The italicized preambles at the start of each of the 19 different races were researched and written by the LWV. Candidates were responsible to supply a photograph to the newspaper.

Three issues will also appear on the Albany County ballot. Proposition 1 is to vote on reauthorization of a “One percent optional sales and use tax.” Arguments for and against this ballot issue are provided in this Voter Guide. Proposition 2 is to vote on reauthorization of the 4% lodging tax in Albany County. See the website for information about this proposition, and the website of the Laramie LWV at .

Another ballot issue is an amendment to the Wyoming Constitution to allow the Governor to appoint some out-of-state University of Wyoming Board of Trustees members. Information on the issue is at: There may also be pros and cons on the issue posted on the League’s website listed above.

Four judges are up for retention in office this year in Albany County.  They are not allowed to campaign, so the Voter Guide only lists their names and the term length they would serve if retained.  The preamble to this section gives details about how they were appointed, salary and term of office. 

Rock River town elections are held in May, so unlike Laramie, their municipal candidates do not appear on the General Election ballot.

The polls open at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, November 4. Absentee balloting began on September 25 and is available to all currently registered voters. Call or visit the County Clerk’s Office in the Albany County Courthouse during regular business hours to request a ballot which may be completed on the spot or returned by mail. No ID is necessary if the voter is registered. Unregistered voters must wait until Election Day, and can register at their polling place and vote the same day, provided they have a valid government-issued ID card.

Providing unbiased information to voters has been a mission of the LWV ever since its founding in 1920, as a spinoff from the successful suffrage movement to get the vote for women. With passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution in 1920, the National American Woman Suffrage organization voted to form the LWVUS, with the goal of educating all the newly enfranchised voters. This continues as an important mission of the organization nationwide.

US Government:

US Senate

US House of Representatives

Wyoming State Government:

Wyoming Governor

Wyoming Senate

Wyoming House of Representatives

Wyoming Secretary of State

Wyoming Treasurer

Wyoming Auditor

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction

Albany County Offices:

Albany County Commissioners

Albany County Assessor

Albany County Attorney

Albany County Clerk

Albany County Clerk of District Court

Albany County Coroner

Albany County Sheriff

Albany County Treasurer


Laramie City Council


Non-partisan Races on the Albany County Ballot :

Rural Fire District #1

Laramie Rivers Conservation District

Hospital District

Albany County School District #1 Board of Trustees

Judicial Retentions

Pro/Con On Ballot Issue  - The Optional One Cent (“Fifth-penny”) Sales and Use Tax, 2014