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League Action on Electoral Issues

League of Women Voters Takes Position Against Voter ID in Wyoming

April 29, 2013
CASPER – The League of Women Voters of Wyoming approved a resolution opposing any requirement for voters to present birth certificate or photo ID at the polls in order to cast their votes, characterizing such legislation as “an expensive solution in search of a problem.”

Delegates to the LWV state convention in Casper voted on Sunday to approve the “Preservation of Voters’ Rights,” brought to the convention by the Casper League. Delegates represented the state board and the local Leagues in Casper, Cheyenne, Laramie and Campbell County.


Preservation of Voters' Rights

April 29, 2013
WHEREAS, The League of Women Voters was founded to help democratize the right to vote and for the past 93 years has fought to ensure that elections are fair, free and accessible to all citizens; and

WHEREAS, The League of Women Voters holds the position that the representative form of government is most effective when citizens from all walks of life are regularly encouraged to cast their votes as a means of achieving full participation in the democratic process; and

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Absentee Ballots

April 28, 2013
League of Women Voters of Wyoming Request to Joint Corporations Interim Committee concerning provisions for absentee ballots in the Wyoming Elections Code

Members of our group have brought to our attention an issue concerning the anonymity of the vote in the case of some absentee ballots. The problem is that ballots received by mail at a county clerk’s office are in an envelope bearing the name and return address of the voter who sent the ballot to be counted. Thus, when the envelope is opened after logging in and verifying the name of the voter, the votes recorded on that ballot, if it is the sort on which ovals are blackened, are easily visible along with the name and address of that voter.

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Transparency in Government

April 29, 2012
WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters of Wyoming advocates for open and accountable government as the foundation of a healthy democracy; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters of Wyoming advocates for government transparency and full disclosure of information so citizens can understand their government’s actions, in accordance with the position and actions of League of Women Voters of the US concerning the activities of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC); and

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