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Qualifications: When I dumped my grocery cart in a blizzard, three people stopped to help me. People here are kind, caring, and compassionate. I love Cheyenne.

Creating a positive work environment, focusing on work life balance, and increasing staff efficiency is something I would love to help with. I’ve accomplished this at our clinics and would love to carry those values into our city organization.

Creating a positive community culture is essential to move us into the future. Saying yes and finding solutions starts with the Mayor.

I am a proven leader. I own multiple urgent care practices. I am the Director of the DDA, an organization, which has thrived this last year under my leadership.  How? There is accountability and enthusiasm that has not been seen in quite a while. The mural program, bike share, and shared artist workspace are examples of our programs and we are now looking at parking and blight solutions. I am the President of the Children’s Museum of Cheyenne opening in 2018 and I am an officer in the Wyoming Army National Guard. I have the leadership experience to be the Mayor and I am the most qualified candidate running for this office.

After many life-changing events including nearly drowning, I want to devote my time to community service and give back. I have the skill, knowledge, and willingness to serve my community as Mayor.

Three Issues:

Issue 1: Economic Development

It breaks my heart when I see homeless people, especially families. Nearly every week, someone walks into my office looking for work. People get frustrated with the lack of progress and amenities and leave. We lose good citizens, healthcare providers, and others constantly to neighboring communities. More than 22% of our workforce commutes in. This hurts our economy.

My economic development plan includes: 1. Recruiting and retaining our workforce by focusing on workforce training and more affordable housing. 2. Growing our own as a long-term strategic effort to increase our work force by ensuring our children are safe, graduate high school, and want to stay or return to Cheyenne. This can be accomplished by further creating a positive environment, affordable housing, a cool vibe, and a thriving downtown. Forming stronger partnerships with four year colleges and intentional support of STEM education will also help. 3. Revitalize the downtown through support of private development, parking solutions, and public infrastructure to enhance the pedestrian experience will benefit the entire city. 4. Increase and enhance amenities.

Issue 2: Budget and Organization

The City of Cheyenne has an amazing team and I would love being on it! I would love the opportunity to help create a culture of kindness and compassion both in and out of City Hall. I would love to help build stronger bridges to the other essential organizations and stakeholders in the community so that we can all win together.

Regarding the budget: There are many ways to increase our revenue, but in the end it comes down to you and me. Collectively, we need to support and invest in our local economy. Our biggest revenue source is our sales tax which means on a Saturday it’s important to spend your money in our town and locally.

We need to be conscious. Little things like recycling can help us utilize our landfill more effectively.

We need to be sure we are staffed properly, that people are productive, and duties are dispersed appropriately. When natural attrition occurs and city staff are asked to work harder, we need to reallocate a portion of the salary savings to those who take on additional work loads. We need to take care of our people. 

We also need to all know and understand where our taxpayer dollars go. Regular updates and manageable data will help.

Through owning my own businesses and being the executive of several organizations, I have experience and success in managing several multi million dollar budgets simultaneously. I look forward to finding creative ways to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and increase and effectively utilize the reserve.

Issue 3: Health and Safety

We need to be safe. We need to have enough well trained policemen and firefighters so that response times are fast and crime is low. Our infrastructure needs to be safe all the way from buildings to roads. Our water needs to be safe to drink and we need a safe way to dispose of trash.

How do we achieve this? We ensure we are able to recruit and retain our staff. We need the right leaders in place to ensure our departments operate at the highest and best level. We need to have long-term strategic plans for infrastructure needs and expansion. Then, we need to implement those plans.

Finally, we need to have a healthy community.  The City has a great opportunity to be a leading example for the health of our community by encouraging staff to be healthy, prioritizing community accessibility and inclusion, supporting efforts that promote healthy lifestyle such as the Universal Design Playground, a rec center, the children’s museum, greenways, and opening the Belvoir Ranch when safe. Other efforts of focus should include minimizing grocery store distance for all neighborhoods to help combat obesity, partnering with organizations to help decrease suicide rates, partnering to increase healthcare access, and supporting our at risk youth.