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The term is four years with no term limit; compensation is $85,000 plus retirement and health benefits.

  1. What are your qualifications for the office you seek?   (75 words)

Dana Brewer (R):  I worked from 2006-2011 in the assessor’s office as a field appraiser.  During this time, I have taken and passed 150 hours of classes from the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) and have earned my certification from the Wyoming Department of Revenue as a Property Tax Appraiser.  I will have to retake and pass these again if elected.

Grant C. Showacre (D): Fourteen years of experience in this office including eight years as the County Assessor, 1 year as the Deputy Assessor, and five years learning every aspect of the office. I am proficient with all of the modern technologies.  Also, I have over 30 years of administrative experience in private and government sectors.  I have been a state-certified appraiser for 13 years and have over 400 hours of certified education.  

  1. What are the two greatest opportunities or challenges facing the Assessor’s Office and what changes would you make to address these in the coming four years? (100 words)

Dana Brewer (R):  I believe the first challenge facing the assessor’s office is making sure property is assessed timely, fairly and within the boundaries of the statutes. Meeting this challenge provides opportunities for a review of current statutes and in-house procedures to provide possible avenues of relief for those who struggle with increasing property taxes while being mindful of everyone’s concerns.  As public servants, the next challenge will be ensuring employees of the assessor’s office have compassion in the performance of their jobs while maintaining the integrity of the office.  I will work to ensure that each employee is fully-trained in their field. ​

Grant C. Showacre (D): We continue to grow with the new technologies available to increase efficiency and productivity. For Example - using G.I.S. technology to chart better inspection routes, define value area boundaries, neighborhoods, and land classes and use this information to serve the public.  It is important to find new ways to complete our increasing duties with little or no growth in our budget. As the WY Assessor's Association President and Legislative Committee member, I have active contact with our state legislators.  I speak to our legislators regularly regarding upcoming bills, especially the ones that could negatively affect the citizens of this county.

  1. Describe any possible conflicts of interest that you may have in the fulfillment of your duties. (100 words)

Dana Brewer (R): At this time, I cannot think of any possible conflicts of interest that may affect the fulfillment of the duties of the county assessor.

Grant C. Showacre (D): Having served for eight years as the County Assessor, I see no conflicts between my public and private activities.  If elected, I will continue to dedicate my efforts to serve the public and will also challenge myself and find ways to improve this office and our service to the community.