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The term is four years with no term limit; compensation is $85,000 plus retirement and health benefits. No Republican filed for office.

What reasons might voters have to place their confidence in you?

Jackie R. Gonzales (D): As chief election official for Albany County I am in charge of processes that include a series of checks and balances that serve to ensure the integrity of our elections. As County Clerk, my door is always open and the public has on-going access to my election staff and our procedures.

What can be done to improve turnout of registered voters in Albany County?

Jackie R. Gonzales (D): Often information is a key factor in voter participation. Albany County has a fluctuating population and often our election office assists putting out of county residents in touch with their home counties during the election cycle. We actively encourage voter education through various resources such as LWV forums, conducting voter registration drives, providing candidate contact information, sample ballots, and polling place information through the Albany County website.

What systems are in place to protect the vital records of Albany County in the event of fire, flood, theft or other event that could destroy them?

Jackie R. Gonzales (D): As the record keeper for the County, it is my responsibility that all records are protected and preserved. Documents are converted into electronic form in the event of natural disaster. Copies of the documents created and processed through the Clerk’s office are also stored at the State of Wyoming Archives.