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The term is four years with no term limit; compensation is $85,000 plus retirement and health benefits.

  1. What are your qualifications for the office you seek?   (75 words)

Tony Mendoza (D): The various elements of the clerk's office to keep an accounting of all of the work of the District Court, and all of the support services  of the activity of the clerk's office, are  exactly the kind of work that I am confident  I can be a part  of.  I am bilingual and can provide additional support to citizens who may need those services translated into Spanish, and compliment the services of the staff.

Janice Sexton (R): I have held the office of Clerk of District Court for almost 12 years; prior to being elected, I worked in the office for eight years.  I’m a past President of the Wyoming Clerks of District Court Association and an active member of WACO (Wyoming Association of County Officers). For the past four years I have been part of the design team for the statewide Clerk of District Court case management computer program; WYUSER.

  1. Explain the duties of this office and why they are important to the public.  (100 words)

Tony Mendoza (D): It is important that all of the records of the judicial proceedings of Albany County, court proceedings, divorce records, child support documents, passport applications, and all other pertinent information be kept in an accurate and  secure condition and are produced in a timely fashion. 

Janice Sexton (R): Official record keeper for the District Court; takes care of not only the files themselves, but all court ordered money.  Cases handled - Civil, Felony Criminal, Juvenile, Probate, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Wills, Involuntary Hospitalization, Adoptions and Search Warrants.  We are responsible for the entire District Court jury process, from sending out questionnaires, calling jurors to serve, and getting them paid for this service.  This office is Albany County’s Passport Acceptance Agency, as well as the county’s distribution office for child support.  We are the publics’ search and research outlet for District Court.  Knowledge, accuracy, and at times confidentiality, are mandatory.

  1. What are the issues and challenges facing the office and what would you do to address these in the coming four years? (100 words)

Tony Mendoza (D): The efforts of the Office of the District Court Clerk are established to serve the citizens of Albany County and meet their  requests for the services provided by this office.  I am committed to providing a continuation of those services, and working with the staff to up-hold the integrity of record keeping and service to the citizens of Albany County.

Janice Sexton (R): The new statewide case management computer program, WYUSER, will continue to be a challenge for at least the next couple of years.  All Wyoming District Courts are now using the system, but it will continue to change as we work on the District Court calendaring, e-filing, and public access.  Being part of the design team, I am part of weekly phone conferences with the vendor addressing problems, enhancements, and new functionalities.  I don’t anticipate any other challenges due to the dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff I have with over 68 years of service.