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The term is four years with no term limit; compensation is $85,000 plus retirement and health benefits.

Why are you the best candidate for the office?

Tony Mendoza (D): I am the best candidate for District Court Clerk by bringing fresh eyes to the task. I am bi-lingual (Spanish) and I would bring that service dynamic to the office. Accurate reporting of all of the proceedings of the judicial system in Albany County is critical to the work of the Wyoming Supreme Court, so I would work dutifully to insure that information collected by the Clerk's office includes complete reporting of every incident.

Janice Sexton (R): I was hired as a Deputy Clerk in 1993; in 2002 I was elected as the Clerk of District Court. With over 20 years in the office I have total knowledge of the duties and responsibility needed for the job. I am a past Association President, active member of WACO and for the past five years and currently, I am a member of the design team for the new case management computer system, WYUSER.

Do you recommend any improvements to the system of obtaining a jury pool for District Court trials?

Tony Mendoza (D): A jury pool for trials in the District Court could be identified using the voter registration record, or those persons who have a valid driver's license. I would collaborate with the County Clerk's Office to explore other feasible options for obtaining a jury pool for the District Court.

Janice Sexton (R): The most needed change was made by the Supreme Court about a year ago. The random list of names from voter registration/driver’s licenses received from the Secretary of State will NEVER again give an individual’s name to more than one local court in the same year. This list is now requested annually instead of every six months. Once an individual has served on a jury, they are exempt for the remainder of that year.

All Wyoming District Courts are implementing a new computerized case management system. How will this impact the Albany County Court and the county's residents?

Tony Mendoza (D): The twenty-three counties in Wyoming are working to computerize the record keeping system for case management in Wyoming. My information is that this new computer system has been in place for two years. It is not always a simple effort to bring different county governments together to gather and report case management proceedings, but it critically essential to the effective workings of our Supreme Court system.

Janice Sexton (R): WYUSER is already in use in all 23 counties. We now scan ALL pleadings. The future will be beneficial in the way of Public access (available now in the office) from any internet capable computer, electronic filing and statewide access of information for District Judges and law enforcement. I have been and continue to be part of the design team for this system; Albany County was a pilot court when going “live” in 2012.