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The term is four years; compensation is $85,000 plus retirement and health benefits. There is no term limit. No Republican filed for office

  1. What are your qualifications for the office you seek?   (75 words)

Jackie R. Gonzales (D): I began my service in 1980; was appointed Deputy County Clerk in 1982, and have held the office of County Clerk since 1991.  My Office oversees all elections; land recordings; motor vehicle titles; marriage licenses; UCC; payroll and payables. I am the County’s chief budget officer and secretary to the Board of County Commissioners. I have always strived to carry out the requirements of my position with integrity and a willingness to find common ground.

  1. What measures could the County Clerk take to expand voter registration and participation without compromising the integrity of elections? (100 words)

Jackie R. Gonzales (D): I am proud of the policies surrounding voter registration and the resulting accuracy of the Albany County voter roll. While citizens may register to vote every business day at the County Courthouse, in advance of the 2014 election season my elections team has facilitated additional registrations with visits to Eppson Center for Seniors, Spring Wind, Laramie High School and Freedom Has a Birthday at Washington Park.  Additional drives may be conducted throughout the community upon request.

  1. How do you suggest using modern technology to promote voter participation? (100 words)

Jackie R. Gonzales (D): Albany County has consistently kept pace with Federal and State government approval of new technology.  Through my direction, Albany County’s website has become a comprehensive tool to connect candidates and voters with necessary information about Elections.  Visitors to our website can utilize our polling place locator and view sample ballots. Electors can access a calendar of key election dates and a portal through which absentee ballots may be requested.  The site offers links to election partners such as the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office and which provides military and overseas citizen voting assistance.