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The term is four years with no term limit. Compensation is $35,000 plus retirement and health benefits for this part-time position. An office is provided. No Republican filed for office.

What reasons might voters have to place their confidence in you?

Jennifer Graham (D): With eight years experience as deputy and Chief deputy under Julie Heggie and Tom Furgeson, I have proven that I can handle not only the physical and mental aspects of this job, but I can handle the work load, missed holidays, and juggled family time. With my training under the previous coroners as well as my degree in Forensic Anthropology from UW, I have the training and experience needed to excel as Coroner.

How will you determine what cases need to have an autopsy performed and what will you do about family members who object?

Jennifer Graham (D): I will perform autopsies on all suspected homicides and child deaths. For suspected natural deaths I will consult with family, local pathologist, and personal doctors to determine the need for an autopsy. I will counsel families and emphasize the importance of ascertaining a cause to help facilitate the families grieving process as well as discovering treatable hereditary conditions when autopsies are required. As for criminal deaths, catching the perpetrator is of the utmost importance.

In what ways can the limited budget of the coroner’s office be used to improve coroner services?

Jennifer Graham (D): Training will be the utmost importance as further training as well as staying current on advancements in the field are critical to maintain a professional office. Personal protective gear will be inventoried and replaced and upgraded as needed. I then will have shirts for myself and deputies to improve professional appearance. Updated maps and map training are a must and a GPS will be considered to improve response times as well.