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Many of you are seasoned League leaders and probably know everything there is to know about running the business part of your annual meeting. When I was a new president, I found a script for the annual meeting which proved to be so helpful. To save you time and worry I've included a sample script below.

To make you annual meeting more interesting, think about your biggest achievements. My bet is that those achievements were tied to passion. Love of what you do in League is critical to achieving anything. This one element will help you double your success.

Achievement requires action. Even if you win the lottery, you had to take the action to buy a ticket. Achievement is improvement (getting from good to better), and achievement is completion (getting it done). And everyone measures it their own way.

You decide what achievement means to you. It may be increasing membership by 10%, going after a grant for a youth leadership project and getting it, getting the local media to cover your activities on the anniversary of the League, asking your neighbor for the fifth time to join and she does!

There’s one elusive element of achievement (especially for League leaders) that will lead to the next achievement faster, and with more certainty: Celebration! WE DID IT!

Celebrate (moderately) every time you achieve. Make celebration a habit, and the next achievement will follow right on its heels. An annual meeting is the perfect time to say thank you and celebrate! LOCAL LEAGUE ANNUAL MEETING GUIDE "Will the annual meeting of the League of Women Voters of_________ please come to order? In accordance with our bylaws, there is a quorum present to conduct the business of the meeting."

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