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Question #1

These are unsteady times – and I am an unwavering budget hawk who will help guide the State to a fiscally strong position while still keeping people as priorities.  We need less special interests and more hard work in the Legislature.  I get my information not from lobbyists, but from people like you – who have hopes, expectations and values based on our local community. Working hard for Wyoming people is why I’m running: to keep taxes low, performance high and budgets well under control.

I’ve studied the state budget and know the strong ways we can move forward effectively, positively and efficiently.  No one in this race knows the state budget better and knows the best ways to control spending.  I believe in positive actions and hawk-like budget diligence – and I believe in Wyoming people always.

Question #2

Jobs, the economy and obligations met.  I’m concerned about state retirement funds and will vigilantly and vigorously protect those funds that belong to people.  All state funds need to be carefully managed and reserved so that we forestall any temptation by some for tax hikes.

Like I like most folks in Wyoming - we:

  • Oppose tax increases
  • Favor hard work
  • Value individual liberty
  • Protect the Constitution

This is a great state – and I will give my all for you and your family to keep taxes low, job strength high and the economy growing.

I believe in the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and the ability of Wyoming to stand strong against Washington mandates.

We need to battle the incremental growth of government and overreach of regulations.  Wyoming has always been a place for personal freedom and the protection of liberty.

I’ve been a hard-working rancher, small business owner and now an advocate for people’s rights.  In my law practice, I fight for those who need help.  Period.  It’s how I was raised…to care deeply and diligently about Wyoming and her people.  Let’s work together to navigate unsteady budget times – protecting the Wyoming we love for generations to come.  Hard work, day-in and day-out, for you and your family’s better future is my proven commitment.