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Qualifications: I have chosen to run for re-election to the City Council in order to continue the work we began four years ago.  Serving as a Council Member has given me the opportunity to serve my community in a very meaningful way.  I have learned many lessons regarding the day to day operations and structure of our City government and how we can improve things such as service delivery and responsiveness to residents.  During the last four years I have supported efforts to improve quality of life in Cheyenne through my support of the Botanic Gardens Renovation, support of the Cheyenne Aquatic Center and the newly opened Public Safety Center in downtown.  I have continually supported the City’s involvement in the West Edge Project, specifically the Civic Center Commons, and sponsored the Downtown Core Plan for adoption.  I have supported the development of the Downtown Façade Improvement Program.  I have also supported efforts to convert the Sanitation Department into a stand alone Enterprise Fund, and have supported allocating funding to bring the City closer to opening the gates of the Belvoir Ranch for recreational purposes.  I have supported economic development through supporting further annexation of Swan Ranch and the development of a railroad spur in that area.  As part of the governing body I have been able to approve several large housing developments in order to address our lack of affordable housing, as well as working with planning and development staff to revise development regulations.

Top three issues: One issue is certainly the financial risk the City of Cheyenne finds itself in due to declining revenue.   Although recent expenditures have been made from the reserves, our reserves are still way ahead of where they were four years ago, and we must be diligent in maintaining them.  I believe we need to strongly examine the services we provide to the community and prioritize those services.   Are there services we no longer need to provide or that the private sector could provide more efficiently?  I believe there are.  We must become more efficient, but maintain the level of service City residents deserve and strive to be even better. 

Another issue for me is the lack of certain quality of life amenities in Cheyenne.  Being the father of young children, I support a Recreation Center and always will.  I have seen first hand the impact these facilities have in other communities.  I intend to support such measures for inclusion on the next 6th Penny ballot, specifically a multi-purpose gymnasium and an indoor turf facility, both to be constructed adjacent to the Ice and Events Center.  That said, I would certainly support private development of these types of amenities as well.  I firmly believe the private sector is capable of constructing and providing meaningful services as well.  I also support the Cheyenne Greenway having funding allocated for more construction and develo0pment through the 6th Penny.  Simply, we need to close the loop and make the Greenway accessible to more people.  This effort will have a positive impact on all areas of the city.  I will support further funding to open recreation on the Belvoir Ranch through 6th Penny funds.  I also believe with recent private investment by the private sector in the West Edge, the City must stay engaged and provide additional funding, not only for storm water mitigation, which is the main focus, but also the development of amenities in the area.  I also intend to support placing funding for the City’s share of the cost for the Christensen Road Overpass on the 6th Penny Ballot as well.  With this addition further outside investment in our community will be able to take place.  However, there is a downside to further development and completion of amenities.  The more the City grows, the more strain on our public safety and infrastructure.  We must allocate more resources to providing these services as well and ensure our response times and quality of serve do not support. 

For me the last issue is our infrastructure.  As a City we continue to grow but the amount of money to maintain our infrastructure does not grow at an equal pace, it never will.  In order to make our infrastructure funding go further, I intend to work with our City Engineering Department on amending future contracts for construction projects.  More City or third party inspection of these projects is needed in order to ensure they are completed using the best materials the first time.  This will allow the City to funding and focus needed to complete other projects.  Our roads and gutters should last a lot longer than they do.  We must allocate governing body support to these efforts.   Although the initial effort failed earlier this spring, the City needs to continue looking at ways to make filling potholes more efficiently.  The reason it failed was due to bad contract.  We must encourage public works to move forward with these efforts.  Along with this, many residents do not feel safe in their own neighborhoods due to excessive speed.  Initially I sponsored introduction of the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program as developed by the MPO.  However, to this point it has not proven to be effective enough and provide our citizens relief.  I will support efforts to revise this document in order to make it effective and user friendly.