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The Legislative Service Office has written up a good history of how Wyoming came to the decision to restore the Capitol and the rationale for including the Herschler Building in the Capitol Square Project. Read the Capitol Square History and Status report at to get details about the dire state of the Capitol and Herschler, restoration plans and the new layout of meeting space and public access. Wyoming LWV repeatedly reminds the Legislature of the importance of large meeting spaces and making the audio of legislative work available online.

The legislative Capitol Restoration Oversight Group, composed of legislative leaders and the governor, continues to work on construction and design plans. Find other agendas and reports of the group on the LSO Website

The state’s Construction Management Office (part of Administration and Information) maintains a Website at with information about the project and an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter with latest information about the project. LWV urges the public to follow this process, as preservation of an important historical structure and enhancement of the Capitol where the people’s laws are written and debated.

As the project advances, LWV will post updates of important decisions.