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Wyoming LWV prepared this document to help explain Amendment A and provide arguments for and against (Pro and Con) the proposed amendment to the Wyoming Constitution.

What the amendment says:

(B) The legislature may provide by law for the investment of funds not designated as permanent funds of the state in the capital stock of any association or corporation and may designate which of these funds may be invested. The legislature may prescribe different investment conditions for each fund. Any legislation establishing or increasing the percentage of any fund that may be invested under this subparagraph shall be passed only by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all the members of each of the two (2) houses voting separately. (Senate Enrolled Joint Resolution 1, from the 2015 Wyoming Legislature)

Summary (by Secretary of State’s Office) that is on your ballot:

Currently, the Wyoming Constitution allows the Legislature to authorize the investment of public employee retirement systems funds and permanent state funds in equities, such as stock or shares in private or public companies. Permanent funds of the state include funds designated as permanent funds by the Constitution. The Wyoming Constitution does not allow the state to invest any other funds in equities.

The adoption of this amendment would allow the legislature, by two-thirds vote of the members of both houses, to authorize the investment of additional specified state funds in equities.

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