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Qualifications: Cheyenne has been a great place to live and work.    Our community has worked together to build greenways, the Botanical gardens, the Library, and a sense of place that’s truly unique.   But, this is also a critical time for the City of Cheyenne.   The City faces a number of challenges that will require innovative solutions and real leadership.   We need to do things differently than we have done them before.   By doing so I feel we can make a difference at the local level where things really matter.   This will help insure that Cheyenne has a bright future.  

I have a clear vision for how we can solve many of the problems Cheyenne faces and help make the city an even better place to live.   I’m an entrepreneur and have built a number of successful businesses.  This has taught me the value of being a real leader.  It’s also taught me the value of investing in our future.  I have had to make difficult decisions to insure my business continued to thrive.   I’m tenacious when fighting for what I believe in.  I’m also flexible and can find solutions where others can’t.   All of this has prepared me to step up and bring a different viewpoint and vision to the City Council.  It will help me lead out on issues where real innovation and creative solutions are required.  I’ll bring real leadership to the City council and utilize my skills to help Cheyenne continue to thrive and be an amazing place to live.

Top three issues:

1. City Blight as seen on the West Edge and in Downtown.  – We need to revitalize our downtown spaces for several reasons.  All of Cheyenne’s citizens recognize that there are problems with the blight in downtown and in the west edge.  There are bright spots... but overall there are too many empty and under-utilized spaces.   The goal is to create a downtown that has a vibrant business as well as social scene that creates an atmosphere that drives more development and business.  This in turn helps generate additional revenue for the city by increasing property values as well as improving business density and use of space.   

Currently these spaces are generating minimal tax revenue for the city.   When these spaces are turned into vital places to live and work they will contribute millions more in revenue than they currently do.   This in turn helps the city support its other needs.  In places all along the Front Range, cities have taken a second look at their downtown and industrial spaces and realized that by revitalizing them they create destinations for their citizens.  For Cheyenne the best place to start is with the West Edge project.  This has vision and has already brought in millions in federal and state funds that the city has not had to come up with on its own.  In addition to these funds it has also sparked millions of dollars of private investment.  Together this has the opportunity to create a public – private team that will create awesome new spaces and help revitalize the downtown.  The west edge proposal represents the best place for the city to start.  It is easier for the city to make major changes starting here that will have immediate impact and make a difference than in any other spot of the city.   

I will work to insure proper enforcement of city rules and regulations to get change for abandoned buildings.  I will support continued investment into the west edge project. 

2. Evaluate Revenue Streams for the City.   Cheyenne will always face difficult decisions on where to spend the revenue that it generates.  We have a number of critical items from infrastructure to quality of life initiatives that all deserve funding.   Often we have looked at the 6th penny tax as a silver bullet to help us fund some of the various discretionary projects that the city wants to do.  But often the 6th penny tax can’t fund everything it needs to support. 

We need to look at what we are spending money on; how it is being used and determining if there are other revenue streams that are fair and will provide the city with the funding it needs.  As a city councilor I will work hard to insure that we spend our funds wisely and invest them where the city will get the biggest return.  I will also work to evaluate where additional revenue streams may be found that are fair and equitable to insure that the city can support the services that are necessary for our city to thrive.

3.  Recreational facilities and opportunities:  Parks and recreational facilities provide many benefits for our community.  They can provide a place for citizens to gather as well as holding public and private events.   In fact, some of the top reasons residents cite for living in Cheyenne are focused on the quality of life.   In addition they also support economic development by drawing in tourism dollars for the unity.   Many other cities in Wyoming and down the Front Range have invested into outstanding facilities for their cities.  It’s strange that Cheyenne the state capital has minimal facilities.   As a city councilor I will work to help facilitate development of a world class recreational facility.  I will also push to develop the Belvoir ranch as a recreational destination.