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1.  (250 word limit) Why are you a candidate for Senate District  08  and what qualifications make you the best choice for this office?

Well, I think life is politics.  We all have to make decisions and choices and the more information one has the better the choice, the better the decision.  We have to work for the common good and help those who can't help themselves due to unfortunate circumstances. The legislature is very challenging and very informative and I have the background to work for the common good.

2.  (650 word limit) What are the top three issues the state faces and how do you propose to solve each?

There are many challenges facing our state.  Certainly the heavy reliance on the energy industry has, to some extent, limited our efforts to diversify and has made us overly dependent on one sector. So the economy is a big issue and it will take the efforts of our local chambers and development groups much cooperation to encourage other job creating industries to this state. 

Health is a big issue and one way to address this concern is by passing Medicaid expansion.  We also need to stress medical education to more non-traditional students, i.e., Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans.  I think we also have to look towards some "sin" taxes. There is no free lunch so we have, within individual limits, to step-up and cooperate in financing health care and healthy life choices. 

And prison reform/narcotic/drug addictions/misuse of legal drugs etc. We have to many people in prison and not enough transition type programs or treatment facilities. We must do a better job of selecting who and why a person goes to prison and for how long and what do we do when they return to the community.