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About two months before each election, primary and general, some local Leagues send out lists of 3 questions to each candidate.  All candidates for an office get the same questions, and all candidates must adhere to the same word limit.  Candidates' answers are transcribed with no editing or corrections except to cut off answers which exceed the word limit for that question; this is done by cutting back from the end to the last sentence or complete thought within the limit. 

The questions are prepared by a committee which picks topics important to the community (based on news coverage, local civic group information and the like), and they are formulated to elicit informative responses (no "yes" or "no" answers) which will indicate the candidate's own thoughts.  The League hopes this guide will provide as close an opportunity for direct conversation with the candidates as can be achieved for as many people as possible.

US Government:

US Senate

US House of Representatives

Wyoming State Government:

Wyoming Governor

Wyoming Senate

Wyoming House of Representatives

Wyoming Secretary of State

Wyoming Treasurer

Wyoming Auditor

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction

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