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The seven non-partisan Trustees serve four-year terms. There are five open positions this year. Compensation or benefits are not provided. Due to a resignation, there is one unexpired term—with two years remaining on it--to be filled. There are also four regular four-year terms to be filled. Those elected will join Guy Warpness and Rex Gantenbein, whose terms do not expire this year. No one filed for the two years left on the unexpired term. Therefore, there will be space on the ballot for a write-in. Two write-in candidates notified the LWV of their intention to seek the office, therefore their responses are included here.

Why are you the best candidate for the office?

Catie Ballard (Four-year term): I don't know if I am the "best" candidate but I do have several years of serving on the IMH board during which time we've joined with UC Health, almost completed a remodel and found a cracker jack CEO in Doug Faus.

James Martinchick (Four-year term): I have worked at IMH since 1999. I am a Board Certified pathologist, Medical Lab Director, and member of the Board of Trustees. I went to UW and graduated with degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I have been a dedicated IMH doctor and former Chief of the Medical Staff. I feel that I am the best candidate for IMH because I bring a deep understanding of the clinical and medical aspects to the Board.

Rick Melone (Four-year term): I am currently a Trustee, completing my first year on the IMH Board. I currently serve as the Board Treasurer and chair the hospital Finance Committee. My 40-plus years in banking bring financial expertise to a current, well rounded board of trustees. These are challenging times for the healthcare industry and I am committed to taking on any and all challenges.

Terry P. Roark (Four-year term): I have served as a Trustee for the past 12 years. I have experienced both trying and good times at IMH and believe my participation has been positive. I am a team player and understand the different responsibilities trustees and management have. By reading articles, books and attending state, regional and national trustee conferences, I have tried to be informed about the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare and to use that knowledge for IMH's benefit.

Dennis Cook (Unexpired term of two years, write-in): I served on the IMH Board of Trustees for 10 years (1996-2006) during which time I served as the Board Chair for a two year term. Because the position I seek is a two year unexpired term on the Hospital Board, I believe that my prior experience and knowledge of IMH and the duties of the Hospital Board will allow me to participate immediately with other Board members in the business of governing IMH.

Brad Jackson (Unexpired term of two years, write-in): I was born and raised in Laramie, but also spent 15 years outside of Laramie, and Wyoming, working with two very successful world-wide billion dollar companies. I understand the business balance necessary to provide exceptional services, while maintaining growth and profitability. I will be deeply committed to making IMH the best hospital it can be - a hospital that Albany County is proud to call their own.

What inspired you to run for this office?

Catie Ballard (Four-year term): I am inspired to run again because I believe there is more work to be done and I am ready for the job.

James Martinchick (Four-year term): My job as Laboratory Director has prepared me to understand and implement the highest quality of medicine and care for our patients at IMH. I am a strong supporter of the Plaintree efforts at IMH--a very important program to ensure patient centered care and support of all of our wonderful employees. I was inspired to be on the board to help IMH achieve exceptional patient care and help the staff at IMH become successful. 

Rick Melone (Four-year term): I desire to continue serving on the IMH Board. It often takes three years for a hospital trustee to become a well rounded, knowledgeable Trustee. Though I have served but one year, I have been very active on the board, working well with the Sr. Management Staff. We have a diverse Board of Trustees, who will be actively involved in setting the strategic plan and ensuring the best quality care for Albany County.

Terry P. Roark (Four-year term): Laramie is a wonderful place to live and it is filled with generous and caring people. I believe it is a duty of citizenship to do your best to make some aspect of the community better and stronger by a personal commitment. One of the ways I can help is to volunteer my time and talents as a Trustee of our Hospital.

Dennis Cook (Unexpired term of two years, write-in): As a lifelong resident of Albany County, I know the importance of a quality hospital. I was born in the old IMH, two of my children were born at IMH and all of my family members have been treated at IMH for decades. Therefore I know the value of a quality hospital to our community. I want to apply my knowledge and experience to insure that IMH continues to provide quality health care in Albany County.

Brad Jackson (Unexpired term of two years, write-in): I have spent time on several boards in Laramie, and believe that right now is the perfect time to get involved in something that very much impacts our entire community. I have the availability and energy to commit to being a positive influence on such a crucial board. I have the desire to see IMH continue to grow and to continue to strive to provide first class care to the people of Albany County.

What impacts has the integration of IMH with the University of Colorado/Poudre Valley Hospital had on the people of Albany County?

Catie Ballard (Four-year term): Joining with UC Health has allowed IMH to access more physicians, trainings for IMH staff and problem solving capabilities that are only available in a much larger system thus assuring Albany county residents more integrated care.

James Martinchick (Four-year term): I feel the integration of the University of Colorado and IMH has tremendously helped our patients by increasing access to a very high quality University Medical Center. As a physician at IMH, I can see first-hand the vast amount of medical resources available to the medical staff due to our affiliation with CU. The good news is that IMH still retains a very personal touch provided by a small community hospital of very high quality.

Rick Melone (Four-year term): Our affiliation provides a valued support system; helping us promote better quality healthcare and services to Albany County. UC Health assisted with developing our strategic plan, has provided cost savings benefits through purchasing; and assisted in our CEO search, which we were successful in attracting a very qualified CEO. UC Health, at times, may assist in providing medical professionals. They provide meaningful ideas, helping us meet the needs of the needs of Albany County.

Terry P. Roark (Four-year term): IMH is an affiliate hospital of University of Colorado Health through a management agreement, not through integration. They have helped us find excellent administrators when vacancies occur. They assist us in strategic planning and marketing. UC Health also assists us in expanding the scope of specialist physicians practicing in Laramie. As healthcare changes a time could come when IMH might profit from a closer integration with UC Health.

Dennis Cook (Unexpired term of two years, write-in): Providing quality health care in a hospital like IMH in a small community like Laramie requires cooperative alliances with neighboring hospitals to provide access to a wider range of health care specialties and services. I believe that the arrangement with the University of Colorado/Poudre Valley Hospital was necessary and has been beneficial to IMH. Nevertheless, that arrangement requires constant monitoring by the IMH Board to insure we get what we bargained for.

Brad Jackson (Unexpired term of two years, write-in): The integration has strengthened IMH, most importantly from a quality of care standpoint, by increasing the patient accessibility to better and broader coverage and care. It has also afforded IMH the ability to have back up care when needed or necessary, from a much larger group of very experienced physicians. The integration also provides a great resource of hands on training for the medical and clinical staff, which simply put, is invaluable to our community.