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Merit Selection

Judges in Wyoming are appointed by the governor from a list of three candidates selected by the Judicial Nominating Commission. After a period of service, judges “stand for retention,” asking citizens to vote to retain them on the bench.

This system is the “merit selection” or the Missouri plan. Supreme Court justices stand for retention every 8 years, district court judges every 6 years and circuit court judges every 4 years.

Being Informed About Your Retention Vote

Some voters rely on personal experience with a judge, to decide how to vote.

The Wyoming State Bar also asks attorneys to rate all judges and publishes the survey results on its Website Find the 2014 Judicial Advisory Poll at .

Attorneys rate judges on such things as knowledge of the law, impartiality and preparedness. They give a voting recommendation for judges who are up for retention.

Judges On Your Ballot

Retention of Wyoming Supreme Court justices appears on every ballot in the state. In addition, you vote on judges who are up for retention in your judicial district. Wyoming is divided into nine judicial districts, shown in the map below.

Judicial Districts Map

Retentions in 2014

Supreme Court

Justices James Burke and Michael Davis

1st Judicial District

District Judge Steven Sharpe

Circuit Court Judge Denise Nau

2nd Judicial District

Circuit Court Judges Jane Eakin and Robert Castor

3rd Judicial District

District Judges Richard Lavery and Nena James

Circuit Court Judges John Prokos, Craig Jones and Frank Zebre

4th Judicial District

District Court Judges John Fenn and William Edelman

Circuit Court Judge Shelley Cundiff

5th Judicial District

District Judge Steven Cranfill

Circuit Court Judges Thomas Harrington and Bruce Waters

6th Judicial District

District Judges Thomas Rumpke and John Perry

7th Judicial District

District Judges Daniel Forgey and Tom Sullins

8th Judicial District

District Judge John Brooks

Circuit Court Judge Randal Arp

9th Judicial District

Circuit Court Judge Wesley Roberts

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