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Annual salary for Supreme Court Justices is set by state statute at $165,000, for Circuit Court Judges it is $119,000. There are also District Court Judges who receive $150,000 per year but no District Court Judges are up for retention on the Albany County ballot this year.

Judges in Wyoming are appointed to specific terms by the Governor. Then they stand for retention in office. Judicial retention votes are non-partisan and non-competitive; no other name is on the ballot for that office but the one up for retention. Supreme Court Justices must vie for retention the first election year after they have been in office one year, and every eight years after that. District Court Judges stand for retention every six years, Circuit Court Judges every four years. Judges are not allowed to campaign in Wyoming; most interpret that to believe that they should not answer questions for Voter Guides. Therefore, only their names are listed below. However, the Wyoming State Bar does question lawyers who have had cases before each judge, and publishes the results of that survey on their website

Wyoming Supreme Court

E. James Burke (8-year term)

Michael K. Davis (8-year term)

Circuit Court, Second Judicial District

Robert A. Castor (4-year term)

Jane Eakin (4-year term)