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The five-member non-partisan Board of Supervisors meets monthly and receives no salary or benefits. The district is divided into two parts, rural and urban. Three serve from the rural area (one vacancy this election), one represents the urban area, and one is elected at-large (one vacancy). Those elected will join Larry Munn, Ruth Shepherd and Kelly Kennedy, whose terms do not expire this year.  

Why are you the best candidate for the office?

Jim Rogers (Rural): I like to represent agriculture anyway I can first. Second Albany County has been good for me. Being on the conservation board is one way I can give back to the rural community and also the tax payers of Albany County.

Robert M. Shine (At-large): I enjoy trying to give back in some way to Laramie after living here since 1975. Although I live in town, I have a small ranch in the county and help my neighbors when asked so I am familiar with ranchers' concerns as well. I just finished being on the board of the Soup Kitchen and enjoyed the experience.

What are the top two goals to be accomplished if elected?

Jim Rogers (Rural): I want to see the old refinery cleaned up and put back into some sort of use that will benefit the city and the county. Second, I want to help encourage land owners to look at range plans, weed management, and watersheds to enhance their land and hopefully improve their bottom profits.

Robert M. Shine (At-large): To continue encouraging the cleanup of pollution sites and to restore the Laramie River habitat where ever possible.

What is your position regarding the current board’s role in rehabilitating the land and riverbanks adjacent to the north portion of the Laramie Greenbelt where an oil refinery was located?

Jim Rogers (Rural): My position on rehabilitating the land and riverbanks adjacent to the north portion of the green belt and cleaning up the old refinery, is that I am in favor of it all. I have been on the board from the very beginning of these projects and hope to be on the board to see a successful end to the refinery cleanup.

Robert M. Shine (At-large): I would like to see this area rehabilitated if economically feasible and then left as open space for the community with the guidance of LRCD.