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LWV of Laramie

Adopted Program 2016-2017

1. Planning

a.  Support a master plan for the city, and support county planning and zoning. (adopted c. 1985)

b.  Support adequately funded, diverse recreational activities and open space. (reworded 2010)

2.  Government  (unless noted, positions date to 2000 or earlier)

a.  Support city council/manager form of government.

b.  Support election of Laramie City Council members from three wards of three councilors each. (adopted 2011)

c.  Support measures to minimize conflicts of interest by elected officials. (reworded 2010)

d.  Support a process of filling vacancies on both appointed and elected boards and commissions in Albany County which includes an open application and interview process, a choice from the applications submitted, materials and training to prepare them to serve.  In addition, for elected boards, support a process that ensures voter choice even in the case of unexpected vacancies. (reworded 2014)

e.  Support maintaining and increasing City and County revenues. (restored 2015)

f.  Emergency Preparedness:  Support policies and programs to ensure that people in Albany County can be adequately notified and aided in the event of local emergencies in order to assure their health and safety. (adopted 2008; reworded 2010, 2011)

3.  Human Resources (unless noted, positions date to 2000 or earlier)

a.  Support comprehensive physical and mental health care and planning for community health needs. (reworded 2011)

b.  Support educational efforts in areas including, but not limited to, stewardship of democracy, affirming diversity, disability awareness, literacy, parenting/life skills, discipline/respect, health care and sexuality, conflict resolution, suicide-prevention, anti-bullying, anti-violence, and dangers of substance abuse. (reworded in 2010, 2016)

c.  Support affordable full-time, after school, drop-in and sick-child care for preschool and primary school age children in Albany County. (adopted in 2000)

d.  Support income-sensitive housing in Albany County, with an emphasis on needs of the very low income and special needs populations.  Support the development of minimum standards of health, sanitation, and safety in rental housing. (adopted 2002, “income sensitive” added in 2008, reworded 2011)

e.  Support smoke-free workplaces in the community. (adopted 2004)

f.  Support employment and housing practices that do not allow discrimination.

4.  Crime (unless noted, positions date to 2000 or earlier)

a.  Encourage the coordination of local service efforts in the areas of crime prevention, early intervention and treatment services. (adopted 1994)

b.  Encourage community efforts to emphasize the connection between substance abuse and both personal injury/accidental death and crime in Albany County. (reworded 2011)

5.  Transportation

a.  Support adequate bus service to meet the needs of the community.  Support adequate funding to maintain this service.

b.  Support multi-modal transportation in Albany County, with adequate provisions and enforcement for safe pedestrian, bicycle, bus and automobile traffic.  Support bike path marking and maintenance.  (adopted 2006; reworded 2010, 2011)

c.  Support convenient and reliable public access to interstate and intra-state transportation by public carriers. (adopted 2005)

d.  Support a transportation master plan for Laramie and Albany County with annual review and provision for adequate input by local citizens. (adopted 2006, reworded 2011)

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