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Three top issues: I believe the three issues the City of Cheyenne needs to address immediately are:

1. The crumbling infrastructure of Cheyenne Streets and Alleys. Nearly every street and alley in Cheyenne needs immediate attention.  The asphalt on the streets is failing and some need repaving from the ground up.  Alleys need to be graded. The pothole repair is just a waste of the City’s time and our tax dollars. We need to address these issues immediately as the costs for road work continues to climb annually. We need to look into better materials used and better training on how to utilize them. We need to get the maximum usage of the time available to repair the streets and alleys and to use methods and materials that will last in Cheyenne’s harsh environment.

2. Downtown Cheyenne is making huge steps to improve its image. The improvements made are all working, but to come over the viaduct and look at our downtown area it does not reflect the image of a vibrant state capitol. The most attractive building as you enter Cheyenne’s downtown is the Wrangler building (other than the Capitol and the Railroad Depot). We need more outward Pride in our downtown buildings appearance. We need to get the building owners to exude Pride in what our visitors see as their first impressions of what our fine city has to offer. I’d like to see 17th Street lit from Thomes Avenue to Warren Avenue. I want to see the vibrancy return to our downtown as it was when I was younger. We need to continue on with the West End Development. We need to address the transient presence downtown and make it safe and appealing for our people as well as our visitors. I would like to approach a major retailer to locate downtown as well as a grocery store for our downtown population.

3. The City of Cheyenne has to become more efficient financially in these statewide lean times. With coal, gas and oil prices all falling at the same time our state’s revenue mainstays are falling in direct proportion.  The financial support these commodities have provided to the municipalities of Wyoming is not going to be there for the foreseeable future. We will have to tighten our belts in Cheyenne as well as all Wyoming municipalities.  We’ll need to be more independent and frugal with our monies and get the most bang for our buck.  By improving our local business climate, we can achieve the independence and make it through these tough times.  My education is in Business Administration and Economics.  I will work tirelessly to plan and execute all financial proposals to best achieve our ultimate goal, the betterment of Cheyenne and its fine citizens.