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  1. (250 words)Why are you a candidate for the LCCC Board of Trustees and what qualifications make you the best choice for this office?

I am a candidate for LCCC Board of Trustees because as an alumna, who received my associates of science degree in accounting from LCCC, I would like to serve the school that provided the educational foundation for my career and gave me the confidence to be successful in my career.

I am the best choice to fill the role as a board trustee because of my educational background in accounting and business combined with my work experience. I currently have an associates and bachelor’s degree in accounting and I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Business Administration graduate program. I have years of experience working within teams, goal-oriented decision-making and budgeting. I have served in various volunteer positions within the community from coaching youth activities to treasury work. I am committed to teamwork, respecting confidentiality, planning and governance. I am committed to the decision-making process and consider the long-term impact of short-term decisions. I am committed to ensuring as a board trustee, I am upholding the mission, vision, and goals of LCCC as whole and serving in the best interest of the community, staff and students of the college.

  1.  (650 words) What are the top three issues the LCCC Board of Trustees faces and how do you propose to address each?

The top three issues the LCCC Board of Trustees are facing include budget cuts, meeting strategic plan goals, and improving LCCC’s campus climate with minimal or no extra funding.

For the $2.5 million in budget cuts, I would support looking for potential ways to slow expenditures in the areas ahead of schedule in the 2020 Strategic Plan and look for opportunities to gain revenues with LCCC’s current assets, resources and programs to minimize budget cuts. My top priority will be committing time and effort to mentoring with current trustees to gain the understanding and knowledge necessary to make well-informed decisions soon after election.

LCCC’s Strategic Plan represents a long-term plan developed as a result of hard work and research to improve LCCC’s success to better serve the community, staff, and students of the college. It’s important to ensure the goals and strategies set forth in the Strategic Plan continue moving forward toward completion to meet the 2020 goal. It will be essential to ensure budgeting and planning continue within the monetary constraints while still successfully meeting the needs of LCCC stakeholders.

It will be important to ensure LCCC’s campus climate isn’t sacrificed with budget cuts and diversity is encouraged. From a global perspective, it’s important to ensure LCCC is providing a diverse environment for students and faculty with culture, ideas, and viewpoints. The world is diverse and it’s important for students and faculty to have an inclusive environment of people who are supportive and a diverse collegial community.