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This volunteer three-member non-partisan board sets fire suppression policy and disperses tax money collected from the residents of the District, which includes most of the southern half of Albany County outside the city of Laramie. Only residents of the District will vote on these candidates. There is one four-year term and one unexpired two-year term to be voted on this year.  Those elected will join George French who has two years left on his term.

Why are you the best candidate for the office?

Art Sigel (Four-year term):  I am a nine year full time resident of and a rancher in Centennial Valley.  Previously I had a 40 year career in the chemical industry including 21 years as CEO. I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Tech, 1965. I helped create and establish Responsible Care a safety and health management system that turned around 45 chemical industry performance in the 1990’s. I will work with our fire chiefs to achieve our goals.

Joseph O. Witt (Two-year term): My 15 years experience and training as a firefighter and tanker truck driver for the Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department makes me the best candidate for the Albany County Fire District #1 Board.  I was also the treasurer for the department for 12 of those years.

Does RFD1 have sufficient equipment and trained personnel? Explain

Art Sigel (Four-year term): RFD1 has been adding equipment as funds were available.  A thorough review of equipment needs to be made before equipment status can be called sufficient. This is a priority task for the commissioners. Adding trained volunteers to the ranks is a priority in which the RFD1 commissioners should be engaged.

Joseph O. Witt (Two-year term): At this time yes, the problem for RFD District #1 is: Making sure the equipment is properly maintained and replaced when possible as new technology becomes available and ensuring the individual departments are aware of the training the state has available and bears the expense for the training.

With more residential development in outlying areas, how prepared is the district to handle growing demand for residential fire protection?

Art Sigel (Four-year term):  Dealing with residential development is a changing part of the RFD1 mission.  Each department under RFD1 should be striving to improve. 

Joseph O. Witt (Two-year term): The Albany County Fire District is prepared for the growth, but most of the responsibility is with individual county departments. The individual rural departments must be responsible for monitoring the growth in their areas, and request any additional resources to accommodate growth and development.