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1. Why are you a candidate for Senate District 04 and what qualifications make you the best choice for this office?

I am committed to Wyoming’s future through job creation and retention, economic diversity, quality education and access to healthcare for the people of this Great State. The future of Wyoming depends on thoughtful, effective and decisive leadership. I am a small business owner and attorney who understands the importance of a balanced budget and meeting the bottom line. Every day I advocate for the people and businesses of Wyoming as a practicing attorney.I am a proven advocate and skilled negotiator. I believe that thorough and comprehensive understanding of the issues results in sound decision-making. As your senator, I am dedicated to achieving results that strengthen Wyoming's future with measurable outcomes.

My Wyoming roots run deep. My family homesteaded this great State in the 1880’s. That pioneer drive and ingenuity endure in me with a lifelong commitment to Wyoming.Moving Wyoming while preserving our way of life is vital.Wyoming's Future requires focused and mindful leadership from those who truly understand this Great State. I am Wyoming. I am Wyoming Strong and I will put Wyoming First.

2. What are the top three issues the state faces and how do you propose to address each?

Wyoming’s economic downturn is the most serious issue facing Wyoming. The budgetary impacts are severe and affect all facets of Wyoming life from jobs to education and healthcare.  Thus, the greatest issue is the funding of essential State services. As your senator I will ensure that the thoughtful and strategic cuts that must be made do not impede the progress of education and access to healthcare in Wyoming.  

As your Senator, I will be forward looking to long term investments for Wyoming’s growth with an aim towards economic diversification through partnerships with the economic development communities, local government, and private industry.  Strong partnerships with these entities allow for job growth and retention as well as the maintenance and development of our State’s infrastructure.      

The future of Wyoming depends on a thriving economy, energy production and economic diversification are essential to the State’s financial future. The energy industry creates jobs and supports small business. Wyoming is blessed with many natural resources including oil, natural gas, uranium, renewable energy and coal.  All must a part of Wyoming’s future. Even though the energy industry is in challenging times, it is vital that Wyoming maintains its role as a leader in energy production.

As your Senator, I will provide a forward thinking and a balanced approach to Wyoming's future energy and economic development and will support efforts to add value and diversify Wyoming's energy and economic portfolios through advances in research and technology. I believe in government accountability and effective legislation that results in a return on investment for the people of Wyoming through sound lawmaking.

Please see my website or visit my Facebook or Twitter feed (@taranethercott) for more information.