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Term is four years with a two-term limit; salary is $400,000 per year with housing and other benefits. Political parties nominate candidates for President; that candidate usually chooses a Vice-President. Those candidates listed below are on the Wyoming ballot; they run as a joint ticket with the Vice-Presidential (VP) candidates. Responses to first section include VP candidates in parentheses at the end, and web addresses for those not surveyed by LWVUS because, in part, they are not on the ballot in enough states to conceivably win in the Electoral College.


Give a personal statement including your top three goals.

Darrell Castle (Constitution): (Scott Bradley, VP)

Hillary Clinton (D): I’m running for President to make a difference in the lives of all Americans. I’ll build an economy that works for everyone, continue my fight for children and families, and work to keep our country safe. And I’ll unite Americans to take on all the challenges we face—because we’re stronger together. Top Three Goals: 1. Grow and strengthen our economy. 2. Curb the outsized influence of big money in American politics. 3. Ensure we have the partnerships to keep our country safe. (Tim Kaine, VP)

“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente (Independent): (Michael Steinberg, VP)

Gary Johnson (Libertarian): I am Governor Gary Johnson and along with my running mate Governor William Weld we are honored to accept the invitation of the League of Women Voters to participate in their efforts to inform the voting American public of all options available to them during this Presidential election year. Top Three Goals: Provide Congress a balanced budget within the first 100 days of office; Reduce (and in some cases eliminate) our military footprint abroad; Liberalize trade and economic activity. (Bill Weld, VP)

Jill Stein (Independent/Green Party): After a career in clinical medicine, I am now practicing political medicine, running for President to help heal our ailing nation. Your vote for me sends a clear signal that you want a new, principled politics that puts people, planet and peace over profit. Top Three Goals: 1. Green job-creation to fight climate change. 2. A fair economy that eliminates unemployment 3. Justice, true democracy, and respect for all human beings. (Ajamu Baraka, VP)

Donald Trump (R): The government of the US should be focused on serving the people of this great nation, not special interests. The government now rules rather than governs. The American people want their government back and together we will make America great again. Top Three Goals: Secure our nation by restoring our leadership in the world; restore economic growth thru tax, trade, immigration, & energy reform; restore Constitutional limits on government. (Michael R. Pence, VP)


What should government do to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

Hillary Clinton (D): Every child deserves a high-quality education. I will double our investments in Early Head Start programs and ensure every 4-year old has access to high-quality preschool. I will do more to support our teachers, modernize our classrooms, and support STEM programs so that all public school students can learn computer science. We must give children the foundation to succeed, from pre-K to grade 12.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian): Education works best when decentralized. Since President Carter created the Dept. of Education, test scores have stagnated despite any new initiatives or spending programs. Parents and teachers make the best decisions for students, not bureaucrats at the DoE. Education is traditionally a state and local responsibility, and should remain so for innovation, best practices and even competition.

Jill Stein (Independent/Green Party): 1) Protect our public schools from privatization schemes that will inevitably undermine the American dream of quality public education for all. 2) Increase federal funding of public schools to make sure all school districts have the financial resources they need to provide quality education. 3) Ensure that kids come to school ready to learn: healthy, nourished, and secure.

Donald Trump (R): My administration will provide states with incentives to increase school choice options for parents and local school districts. Allowing the entrenched Washington education establishment and federal bureaucrats to leverage federal funds to dictate educational practices, curriculum and outcomes must be stopped. Control of K-12 education must be returned to parents and citizens locally.


What kinds of policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all Americans?

Hillary Clinton (D): Too many Americans still face discrimination and mistreatment. I will fight to break down barriers and build ladders of opportunity. We will reform our criminal justice system, protect transgender individuals, defend voting rights, fight environmental injustice, fight for comprehensive immigration reform, end the epidemic of gun violence, and ensure the citizens of Puerto Rico are treated equally.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian): I would do everything in the Presidency’s power to end the militarization of the police. I would end the failed drug war, which unfairly targets communities of color. I would use the powers of the Federal Government to protect the civil liberties of all Americans, aggressively enforcing 14th Amendment protections. I would continue the work to help all Americans to achieve equality of opportunity.

Jill Stein (Independent/Green Party): My plan to end unemployment will transform the economic life of low income communities that are now struggling with unemployment rates two or three times the national average. Coupled with my commitment to quality public schools and community empowerment, we can not just lessen racial disparity, but bring it to an end.

Donald Trump (R): The best way to ensure social & racial justice is to return Constitutional limits on government & appoint Supreme Court Justices who will defend the Constitution, not rewrite it. The President must provide leadership & make sure the government works for the people. We must ensure low income & minority children learn to read at grade level & not trap them in failing schools based on zip code.


What, if any, actions will you support to create a pathway to citizenship?

Hillary Clinton (D): In my first 100 days, I will introduce comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. An estimated nine million lawful permanent residents are eligible to become U.S. citizens. As President, I will work to expand fee waivers and enhance outreach, so that more of the working poor can assume the full rights and responsibilities of becoming U.S. citizens.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian): Ensure a pathway to citizenship for deserving immigrants by first establishing a way for non-criminal undocumented immigrants to achieve documented status. After that crucial first step, the pathway to citizenship will be the same as it is for all immigrants. No cutting the line. No unfair advantages. Just a legal status that allows immigrants to pursue the traditional path to becoming a citizen.

Jill Stein (Independent/Green Party): First, end the massive deportation schemes that have torn families apart.  I would also end the so-called Secure Communities program that has led to abuse of both citizens and non-citizens.  End the misguided free trade agreements and regime change wars that have forced people to emigrate for their own survival.   Finally, provide a welcoming and legal path to citizenship for current immigrants.

Donald Trump (R): We must re-establish the rule of law in this country. Criminal illegal immigrants will be deported.  No one should be given the gift of U.S. citizenship based on illegal behavior.


What actions would you support the U.S. undertake to protect its interests abroad?

Hillary Clinton (D): The U.S. needs to exercise leadership and shape global events rather than be shaped by them. So many of our interests—our security, our economy, and our fight against climate change—require cooperation with our friends and allies, and with countries we may agree with on some things, and disagree with on others. As President, I’ll ensure our country remains a source of leadership around the world.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian): Above all, we must maintain a national defense that is second to none. Government’s first responsibility is to protect us from threats abroad. If attacked, we respond. Our greatest assets are economy and culture. Blue jeans and computers did more to win the Cold War than stockpiled warheads. I will pursue vigorous diplomacy based on our economic might, not idle threats and military interventions.

Jill Stein (Independent/Green Party): Forge a new foreign policy based solidly on diplomacy, international law, respect for human rights, and consistent nonviolent support for democratic movements around the world.  End the misguided policies of militarism that have produced terrorist organizations,  refugee crises, failed states, and a bloated military that we can no longer afford.

Donald Trump (R):  We are the leader of the free world - whether we like it or not - and we must ensure we seek partners willing to make sure our national interests are defended.  We only gain this respect from both adversaries and allies by having a strong military, being clear about defeating radical Islam, & stopping rogue nations from attacking/threatening our citizens, economic interests, resources and allies.


What will you do to support a vibrant economy across the U.S.?

Hillary Clinton (D): My first priority will be to grow and strengthen our economy. I will invest in good-paying jobs, expand access to higher education, encourage companies to follow policies that put families first, and fight so that everyone pays their fair share. Every American deserves a good job, a successful career, and a productive life. Together, these efforts will work to make that a reality.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian): Submit to Congress a balanced budget to provide a template to stop unsustainable growth of the national debt, debt that weighs on employers, entrepreneurs and the economy.  Support a simpler, fairer tax code that won’t penalize productivity or investment. Fight to provide certainty in spending, taxes, and regulation so employers, entrepreneurs and investors make decisions that put people to work.

Jill Stein (Independent/Green Party): 1) Eliminate unemployment by creating a job for every American who needs work. 2) Repeal NAFTA and other trade agreements that export our jobs overseas and create immigration surges. 3) Create 20 million green jobs to stimulate the economy improving our health by cleaning up our land, air, and water. 4) Protect consumers and small businesses from big banks and Wall Street predators.

Donald Trump (R):  I have proposed tax, trade, energy and immigration reforms that will bring trillions of dollars and millions of jobs back to the United States.  Through immigration reform, we will restore wage growth and reduce the related fiscal burdens on state and local governments. These reforms will help lift wages and will create opportunities for millions of Americans to get back in the workforce.