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Wyoming has two Senators; base salary is $174,000. Term is six years, there are no term limits. Other benefits are the same as for the House of Representatives. The victor will join Senator John Barrasso, who was elected in 2012. US Constitutional requirements are that the candidate be at least 30, nine years a citizen, and when elected be an inhabitant of the state they will represent. No response was received from Libertarian Party candidate, Joseph S. Porambo.

Why are you the best candidate for the office?

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R): I have a proven record of service in Wyoming, first as a businessman and accountant, then as a Mayor and state legislator and now in the US Senate. I’ve raised my children in Wyoming, held jobs in Wyoming and had employees in Wyoming. In the Senate, I’ve worked to reduce spending, rein in the reach of the federal government, stop burdensome regulations that cripple our energy sector and keep healthcare decisions in the hands of doctors and patients.

Curt Gottshall (Independent): I am not a career politician and am committed to returning Honor, Integrity and Accountability back to politics. I have published my positions on the issues on my website: I have traveled to all 50 states and 28 other countries, done worked on and negotiated contracts on a global stage. As a non-affiliate Independent candidate, I will not be playing the blame the other party game, just simply representing Wyoming’s People in Washington.

Charlie Hardy (D): Born in Wyoming, I've spent my life in service. I have four degrees, although I've learned more from people of Wyoming. I have studied 10 languages and traveled to over 30 countries but for friendship not greed. I will take none of the legalized bribes, that most candidates take, to get elected. I was a Catholic priest for 29 years and Superintendent of Catholic Schools but I'm well qualified for Senator because I've listened.

Do you favor changes in the Affordable Care Act, and if so, what would you change?

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R): Absolutely. I have been a staunch opponent of Obamacare from the start. While there are countless changes that must be made, there are provisions that have a particularly devastating effect on small businesses that I am working to fix including a measure to define “small business” under Obamacare the same way the SBA calculates the definition; how “full-time” is defined under Obamacare; and adjusting the “aggregate rule” which makes many small businesses unable to grow.

Curt Gottshall (Independent): Yes, people cannot change insurance providers other than during a small window called “Open Enrollment" resulting in an even lower standard of customer service and higher premiums from insurance companies. We need to put an end to over-billing and stop the automatic denial of claims. We also need to return to a free and open market place where people have the choice to change insurance providers at any time. Should repeal and start over.

Charlie Hardy (D): I support single payer healthcare, medicare for all. I think that the Affordable Care Act has turned out better than expected. The price of prescription drugs needs to come down and Senator Enzi, who has received more than $300,000 from pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies, isn't going to protect seniors from this fraud of overly high priced drugs. We need to kick the health insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists out of the halls of Congress.

What one particular new piece of legislation would you most like to see as your legacy? Explain.

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R): The national debt is perhaps the greatest challenge facing our nation today. We must address Washington’s out-of-control spending habits before our debt becomes an insurmountable burden for future generations. That’s why I’ve introduced and championed the Penny Plan, a bill that would cut one percent from total federal spending for three years, balancing the budget by 2017. The Penny Plan is critical to reducing spending and setting our country on a fiscally responsible path.

Curt Gottshall (Independent): Campaign Finance Reform Legislation. Our country needs legislation to remove corruption from politics, through reforming campaign finance laws and legislating Term-Limits. PAC money and Corporate Campaign Contributions should be illegal. It is ludicrous that we allow a legal form for politicians to be bought and paid for by big business. I am not taking any Corporate funding. These donations do not come without strings attached, and I find them to be immoral and unethical.

Charlie Hardy (D): My legacy won't be defined by a single piece of legislation but by the improvement of the democracy of the United States. A democracy that pushes forward a government, and a press, that doesn't bend to the will of the extreme rich and powerful corporations but follows the demands of the people with government agencies using science to credibly inform and guide responsible choices. Democracy is participation in governance not voting alone, begin now!

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