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Term is four years with no term limits; compensation is $92,000. No response was received from Constitution Party candidate Jennifer Young. No Democrat filed for office.

What reasons might voters have to place their confidence in you?

Kit Carson (Libertarian): Why vote for senior citizen/businessman Kit Carson? The major responsibility and jurisdiction of the Secretary of State, is not only to be the formal caretaker and protector of the State Seal, he is also in charge of elections in this state (by Wyoming constitution). The Governor should nullify the illegal "law" (so-called) entitled "Help America Vote act" of 20 years ago! This crazy and unconstitutional act by the federal congress forced upon all 50 states….

Ed Murray (R): From my 30 years of experience as a businessman, I have an intimate understanding of successful, conservative business principles and believe these principles should be at the heart of how Wyoming does business. I will work to promote business-friendly practices, reduce rules and regulations that stifle free enterprise, modernize and streamline business owners’ interactions with the Secretary of State, and fight fraud and scams that harm legitimate businesses in Wyoming.

As a member of the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB), how would you weigh the competing requests of municipalities and counties for loans, for example when an application might benefit a single for-profit corporation?

Kit Carson (Libertarian): As a long time real estate investor and mortgage banker, I would have a particular keen eye allowing me to fully understand the "application for funds" as well as the need for funds. I feel that I would vote no on any "for profit corporation," except in very unusual situations.

Ed Murray (R): The SLIB process needs to be more transparent and should not pit large counties and municipalities against smaller ones. The playing field should be as level as possible; projects should be evaluated on need and merit, not who can hire a lobbyist to represent their request. I would like to see more of Wyoming’s wealth invested in communities to protect our quality of life, maintain public infrastructure, revitalize main streets, and spur local economic growth.

What one particular new program or practice would you most like to see as your legacy? Please explain.

Kit Carson (Libertarian): Comply with the Wyoming Constitution, namely Article 6, sec. 13, wherein the law declares that purity of our elections MUST be maintained. Elections are the exclusive jurisdiction of Sec'y of State and I would implore the legislature to terminate the fraudulent electronic voting machines. In addition I would propose to the Governor and our Legislature, the following new programs: Dramatically reduce our prison population by pardons or paroles to non violent prisoners….

Ed Murray (R): My legacy will be keeping Wyoming as business friendly as possible, especially through the implementation of new technologies that enhance, streamline and modernize the services provided by the Secretary of State’s office. For example, my top priority for the business division of this office is to make technological advances that will enable business men and women and their counsel to complete online filings that are not otherwise available at this time.

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