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Senators receive the same reimbursements as Wyoming House members, $105 per day of work.  The term of office is four years, there are no term limits. Candidates must reside in the Senate District (SD) they will represent. Voters receive a ballot containing only the candidate from the correct SD, based on residence location.  Only SDs 9 and 11 have vacancies this year--in each, only one candidate filed.


  1. What are your qualifications for the office you seek?   (75 words)

Chris Rothfuss (D) Senate District 9:  I am the Senate Minority Leader for the Wyoming Legislature.  I serve on the Education and Minerals Committees, and am Chairman of the Digital Information Privacy Taskforce.  I am currently a consulting engineer and an instructor for the UW Honors Program.  I received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and M.S. in Applied Physics from the University of Washington, and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering and B.A. in International Studies from UW.

Larry Hicks (R) Senate District 11:


  1. Given the thousands of people in Wyoming without medical insurance, what is your plan for providing these citizens with coverage? (100 words)

Chris Rothfuss (D) Senate District 9: The true objective is not to provide medical insurance coverage – the objective is to provide access to affordable health care.  Insurance coverage is one means to that end.  I will continue to support optional Medicaid expansion through the Affordable Care Act.  This program would provide coverage to an estimated 17600 Wyoming citizens almost entirely with federal funds.  By failing to support expansion, the legislature has left a significant portion of our population with no access to affordable health care.

Additionally, I support cost transparency requirements that would allow patients to carefully weigh their options and make better informed medical decisions.   

Larry Hicks (R) Senate District 11: Let’s examine the premise of the question! Is the role of government to provide health care for anyone! In the U.S. and Wyoming constitution I cannot find where it enumerates the role of our government to provide insurance coverage for anyone. While I understand some socialist counties do provide health insurance for their population and that some people in this country would like our government to do this, I am opposed to any form of socialistic government run healthcare. Better to create jobs so people can exercise their free will and choice to purchase their own health care.

  1. Explain why you do or do you not support the entirety of the Next Generation Science Standards as part of Wyoming’s K-12 educational standards.  (100 words)

Chris Rothfuss (D) Senate District 9:  I support adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards in their entirety.  They are clearly superior to the current Wyoming science standards.  They were endorsed unanimously by 30 Wyoming science curriculum specialists and stakeholders when asked for a recommendation by the State Board of Education.  The budget footnote that restricts consideration of the NGSS should be rescinded.

Larry Hicks (R) Senate District 11:  I do not support the NGSS. One size fits all federal government education has proven to be an abject failure at almost every level. After reviewing much of the content I found it replete with political ideology and lacking in scientific merit.