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The term is four years with no term limit. Compensation is $92,000. No Democrat filed for office.

What reasons might voters have to place their confidence in you?

Mark Gordon (R): I have been in office as State Treasurer since October 2012. Although I grew up on and still ranch in Kaycee, I have served as a Class B Director of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, have helped young entrepreneurs start ranching and construction operations of their own, and had businesses on Sheridan and Buffalo main streets. During my tenure the investment portfolio has earned at least $800 million in revenue every year.

What recent SLIB decisions, if any, do you disagree with? Explain.

Mark Gordon (R): I always bring a business minded approach to SLIB decisions and do extensive research on the projects before the meeting so I am able to make the most educated decision possible. There haven’t been any recently that I vehemently opposed but I always encourage citizens to be as active and informed as possible. You are able to see SLIB agendas, minutes, and projects here:

How would you facilitate adequate funding to assure proper clean-up of energy production facilities?

Mark Gordon (R): My office doesn’t have a direct role on this issue other than on state lands where we can make recommendations on bonding. The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission administers an orphan well fund which is funded by the operators. Having served on the EQC, and worked for Apache Corp, I have a full understanding of the mistakes we have made previously and can work with all parties concerned to suggest appropriate protections for future development.

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