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Gerrymandering can be measured

During the Fall 2019 semester, four teams of undergrads looked at different metrics on NE congressional districts. They rejected the claim of Chief Justice Roberts who wrote in the majority SCOTUS opinion “None of the proposed ‘tests’ for evaluating partisan … Continue reading

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John Adams Didn’t Listen to Abigail

Snippets reprinted from The Hidden History of the War on Voting by Thom Hartmann. …

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Give the 19th century Western suffrage movement recognition

Guest opinion … I have found that we underestimate the way interactions between East and West in the past have forged our political, economic and cultural structures even today.

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150 years with the 15th Amendment

The 15th Amendment gave Black men suffrage after the Civil War. This article encapsulates what’s happened since, including the 1965 Voting Rights Act and recent court decisions, to explain all the attention to voter suppression.

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Law says to teach Native American Issues

Browse the resources pages and watch some of the inspiring videos, 5 min each, developed by WI PBS.

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