The State of Equality, Wyoming Women Get the Vote

WyomingPBS will host a free public screening of The State of Equality. The screening event will open with the University of Wyoming Bel Canto Women’s Choir singing the program theme song “Circle of Light.”

Tickets can be reserved in advance by going to or by calling the Cheyenne Civic Center ticket office at 307-637-6363.

On December 10, 1869, the territory of Wyoming ratified into law the right for women to vote. Stories abound across the state regarding the reasons why Wyoming women were granted the right to vote 150 years ago. Was it a question of statehood; or did citizens respect the vital role women played in ranching, farming, community, business, and family rearing; or did it have to do with a tie-breaking vote by a controversial brothel owner from South Pass City? These are all questions that WyomingPBS, in partnership with Caldera Productions, address in The State of Equality: Wyoming Women Get the Vote.

The State of Equality, Wyoming Women Get the Vote

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