Every election year, the Wyoming State Bar publishes The Judicial Advisory Poll, a survey of  attorneys.  As the introduction states, “Judicial evaluation polls are used by Bar associations to provide feedback to judicial officials about their performance on the bench and to help the public make more informed judgments in judicial elections. Guidelines established by the ABA [American Bar Association] state that the primary goal of judicial evaluation is “… to improve the performance of individual judges and the judiciary as a whole.”

Judges on the ballot this year for retention are included in the poll.   Now you can see how Wyoming attorneys rank them at


Wyoming uses a “merit selection” system for placing judges on the bench. After the initial appointment by the governor, judges are retained on the bench by a vote of the residents of the state.

Circuit judges stand for retention every 4 years, District judges every 6 years and Supreme Court justices every 8 years.

The Wyoming State Bar Survey Is Out

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