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Primary Elections 2022

Vote411 is the League online voter guide for Wyoming races.

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Wyoming Legislative Session 2022

The Budget Session concluded Friday, March 11. The League of Women Voters of Wyoming was pleased to share weekly updates with members and voters across the state. The Legislature regularly convenes in a Budget Session beginning on the second Monday of February, which typically lasts 20 legislative days. Except for the budget bill, all other bills require a two-thirds vote from the Senate or House for introduction during a Budget Session. Learn more from wyoleg.gov.

Wyoming Legislative Session 2021

General Election 2020

Voter Guide

Our Voter Guide for the General Election in Laramie, Albany County, and state-wide and federal offices is now available on this link, and will appear in print in the October 11th issue of the Laramie Boomerang. See also the publication Choosing a Candidate in Wyoming, and the LWVUS website Vote411.org for additional voter and candidate information.

Our Voter Guide for the General Election in Fremont County and state-wide and federal offices is now available on this link, and was also mailed to all households.

Candidate Forums

Candidate forums for the General Election were held in September and October of 2020, and recordings are linked below, and found on the YouTube channel League of Women Voters of Wyoming.

Videos of Forums held in Laramie

Laramie City Council, 2020-09-23 and 2020-10-05 (above)
Wards 1 and 2 first; Ward 3 forum starts at 2:00 hours.

Wyoming House Districts 14, 45, and 47, 2020-10-01 (above)

Senate District 10 and House Districts 13 and 46, 2020-09-30 (above)

Laramie Conservation District and Hospital Board, 2020-09-24 (above)

Albany Count Commission and Clerk of District Court, 2020-09-22 (above)

Albany County Fire District, 2020-09-17 (above)

Albany County School District #1, 2020-09-16 (above)

Primary Election 2020

Voter Guide

Our Voter Guide for the Primary Election in Laramie, Albany County, and state-wide and federal offices is now available here in full, and at distribution points in Laramie.  The Boomerang will print it on August 2nd. 

The League of Women Voters does not confirm the accuracy of candidate statements before compiling the Voter Guide. 

Candidate Forums

Candidate forums for the Primary Election were held in July and into August of 2020, and recordings can be found on the YouTube channel League of Women Voters of Wyoming.

Voter Fraud Examined

Heritage Foundation Voter Fraud Data Base for Wyoming

Heritage Foundation on Voter Fraud Cases

Number of Voters and Percentage Turnout in Wyoming Elections

Votes cast in 2016

28 Million Missing Ballots: Snopes Fact Check

28 Million Missing Ballots: Pro Publica Fact Check

US News: States with the highest turnouts

Pro Publica Mail-in Risks

Voting Methods Forum

On the anniversary of the visit of Carrie Chapman Catt in 1919, the Laramie League held a meeting to hear voting methods background and explanation from Matthew Link, followed by votes taken under five different methods, and a discussion of the results. See the February 2020 video here and the November 2019 video here.

The 65th Wyoming State Legislature has begun its budget session. Sessions are recorded and available on the LSO site above.

Legislative Reports 2020

Legislative Reports 2019

Young Voter Registering

From our lobbyist onsite in Cheyenne:

League Testimony to Legislature 2019

On limiting voter affiliation change:
Senate Testimony
House Testimony

On article V constituional conventions

General Election 2018

Voter Guide

Our Voter Guide for Laramie, Albany County, and state-wide and federal offices is now available here in full, and at distribution points in town.  The Boomerang will print it on October 21st. 

Special addendum for Carbon County

The League of Women Voters does not confirm the accuracy of candidate statements before compiling the Voter Guide. 

Candidate Forums

NEWS:  With the University of Wyoming and others, the League co-sponsored a forum for gubernatorial candidates held on October 25, 2018.  See the UW recording:
Gubernatorial Debate at UW

Forums across the State of Wyoming

Videos of Forums Held in Laramie

Fire, Conservation, and Hospital District, held October 18 2018 in Laramie

Albany County School District 1, held October 11 2018 in Laramie

Wyoming State Offices, held October 5 2018 in Laramie

Albany County Offices, held September 20 2018 in Laramie

Laramie City Council, held September 27 2018 in Laramie

Primary Election 2018

Voter Guide

The Boomerang and the Laramie League of Women Voters are pleased to bring you this Voter Guide to statements by candidates who responded to our questionnaire.Boom Logo

All candidates were mailed three questions in a letter sent June 29 to the address of record provided when they filed for office. If an email was provided, a duplicate was sent there. The first question was the same for all candidates. All questions were developed by the League of Women Voters. Candidates had 100 words per question and a deadline. They also received reminders.

If over the 100-word limit the response was cut up from the bottom to the closest complete thought. The omission is indicated by three dots (. . .) at the end. If there are three dots within the body of the paragraph, the candidate wrote it that way. Statements published here are exactly as the candidate replied. Capitalization, punctuation, grammar and other potential errors were not corrected. Bulleted lists and separate paragraphs were changed to single paragraph style for responses to each question.

There is a preamble to each race in the Voter Guide, stating salary, term of office and other pertinent information. Voters should be aware that the 2018 primary ballot is especially lengthy because projects for the tax renewal are listed

Statewide Races

U.S. Representative

U.S. Senator

Wyoming Governor

Wyoming Secretary of State

Wyoming State Treasurer

Wyoming State Auditor

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction

Wyoming State Senator

Wyoming State Representative

Races local to Albany County and Laramie

Albany County Commissioner

Albany County Sheriff

Albany County Clerk

Albany County Attorney

Albany County Treasurer

Albany County Clerk of District Court

Albany County Assessor

Albany County Coroner

Laramie City Council

PRO-CON Statement on Specific Purpose Tax

All voters should take note of the very detailed list of projects to be accomplished with the proposed One Percent Specific-Purpose Tax. This is the only vote on this proposal—unlike the vote for candidates, it will not appear on the General Election ballot.

Candidate Forums, Primary Election 2018

Albany County Commissioners, held July 15 2018 in Laramie

City Council Ward 1, held July 12 2018 in Laramie

City Council Ward 3, held July 19 2018 in Laramie

House District 47, held July 16 2018 in Rock River

Campaign Pledge

June 2, 2018

LARAMIE—The Wyoming League of Women Voters has drawn up a list of Principles of Campaign Integrity for the 2018 election season in Wyoming. They can serve as a guide for candidates and voters to determine that campaigns that are honest, open and factual.

Wyoming LWV believes campaigns for public office should be conducted in a way that enables voters to be fully and accurately informed about issues and candidates. The five Principles help achieve that goal.

They are:

  1. Candidates will defend the right of every registered Wyoming voter to full and equal participation in the electoral process.
  2. Candidates will conduct honest and open campaigns, stating the sources of facts used in their campaigns.
  3. Candidates will stick to the campaign issues in statements, debates, advertisements, and news releases. They will not permit use of character defamation or other attacks on opponents' personal or family lives.
  4. Candidates will immediately and publicly disavow assertions that misrepresent, distort, or otherwise falsify the facts. 
  5. Candidates will publicly reject actions by supporters that violate these principles.

"We hope these Principles define a standard for honest and fair campaigning, the best way to serve voters," Wyoming LWV President Susan Simpson, Laramie, said. "We invite candidates to endorse the principles, follow them, tell voters of their support, and demonstrate their use."

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization that fosters a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge, and the confidence to participate.

Names of candidates who support the principles are added to the LWVWY's Facebook page.

Election Issues Raised by County Clerks

LWVWY to Secretary of State

State statute identifies county clerks as the election officials for their counties.  The County Clerks Association of Wyoming has several concerns about upcoming elections.  Issues are identified in the correspondence below.

LWVWY to County Clerks Association

Non-Registry Agents

Future Election Issues

Voting Machines

Registration Issues

The County Clerks' Plan

League Positions on Electoral Issues

Resolution:  Changing Party Affiliation at Primary Elections

May 7, 2017
Whereas the right to vote is fundamental to citizenship in these United States of America; ...
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Resolution:  Extraneous Bills

May 3, 2015
WHEREAS, A total of 410 bills and resolutons were introduced to the 2015 General Session of the Wyoming State Legislature...
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Resolution: Use of Budget Footnotes

April 26, 2014
Whereas, Members of the Wyoming Legislature increasingly use footnote amendments to the budget bill to legislate, in lieu of using the full legislatie process for proposals...
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Resolution: Against Voter ID in Wyoming

April 29, 2013
CASPER – The League of Women Voters of Wyoming approved a resolution opposing any requirement for voters to present birth certificate or photo ID at the polls in order to cast their votes, characterizing such legislation as “an expensive solution in search of a problem”...
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Resolution: Preservation of Voters' Rights

April 29, 2013
WHEREAS, The League of Women Voters was founded to help democratize the right to vote and for the past 93 years has fought to ensure that elections are fair, free and accessible to all citizens...
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Absentee Ballots

April 28, 2013
League of Women Voters of Wyoming Request to Joint Corporations Interim Committee concerning provisions for absentee ballots in the Wyoming Elections Code...
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Resolution: Transparency in Government

April 29, 2012
WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters of Wyoming advocates for open and accountable government as the foundation of a healthy democracy...
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