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Health Care Resolution

WHEREAS, The League of Women Voters of Wyoming advocates that affordable health care for all citizens of Wyoming should be a cornerstone value of the Cowboy State; and
WHEREAS, The optional expansion of Medicaid in Wyoming would save the State a net 47 million dollars through 2020 that could otherwise be spent on worthy projects; and
WHEREAS, The Wyoming Legislature has a fiduciary duty to its citizens; and
WHEREAS, Medicaid expansion would provide health insurance for an estimated 17,000 Wyoming citizens who currently lack options for health insurance; and
WHEREAS, The Wyoming Legislature represents those citizens who deserve affordable health care; and
WHEREAS, Wyoming legislators deserve the opportunity to debate and vote on a proposal to expand Medicaid for low income citizens; therefore, be it

Resolved, that the League of Women Voters of Wyoming recommends that the Wyoming Legislature in the 2015 General Session advances bills to the floors of the Senate and House for the purpose of providing affordable health care for all citizens of Wyoming.

J. Brown moved approval of the Health Care Resolution; Knight seconded the motion. Motion carried

Proposed Resolution on Budget Footnotes

WHEREAS, Members of the Wyoming Legislature increasingly use footnote amendments to the budget bill to legislate, in lieu of using the full legislative process for proposals that should be stand-alone bills; and
WHEREAS, Footnotes to the state budget bill bypass the full legislative process of committee and floor debate and voting in both chambers; and
WHEREAS, The Wyoming legislative process for consideration of bills involves full debate in the House and Senate, including standing committee consideration, thereby providing an opportunity for participation by legislators and citizens; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Wyoming League of Women Voters recommends that the Wyoming Legislature refrain from using budget bill footnotes to enact legislation that should be in stand-alone bills that go through the full legislative process.

Herman moved approval of the Resolution on Budget Footnotes; S. Theune seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Discussion ensued about what happens with these resolutions since they have passed. The intent is to issue press releases. M. Brown asked Herman to make a list of recent instances of misuse of budget footnotes that can be shared with local leagues so they have some talking points related to this issue. J. Brown asked whether local leagues should check with the state league before disseminating information on these resolutions. M. Brown gave the opinion that, as long as it is attributed to the state league, there is no problem with sharing this information.

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