Recent directions adopted by State Board (2014-present)

The State Board expects input or directions from any of the local leagues. Directions are typically time-sensitive, responding to transitory current events.

1. Amicus Brief in Moore v. Harper Supreme Court Case. November 3, 2022

A ruling adopting Independent State Legislature Theory (ISLT) would give state legislatures the almost unrestricted authority to set the rules for federal elections, prioritizing the ambitions of politicians over the American voter. Read More>>>

2. Nonpartisan Commission to Plan Redistricting Proposal. May 1, 2022

Whereas the Wyoming Constitution (Article 3, Section 48) requires the Legislature to reapportion itself . . .Read more>>>

3. Remote Access to Interim Committee Meetings. May 7, 2021

The LWVWY supports remote public participation in interim meetings. Read more>>>

4. Open and Accessible Elections. April 2021

The LWVWY ran an ad in Wyoming newspapers urging open elections. Read more>>>

5. No on HB0075 Voter IDs AKA Voter-Fraud Protection. March 30, 2021

The LWVWY argued that Voter ID requirements create hoops for voters. Read more>>>

6. Fraud by impersonation. March 3, 2021

The League of Women Voters described trying to commit voter fraud by impersonating a voter. In print March 3 and revised April 11 in Casper newspaper. Read more>>>

7. Voter Fraud. February 24, 2021

The LWVWY wrote that the voter fraud prevention bill prevents voting. Read more>>>

8. Transparency and Accountability. January 16, 2021

The LWVWY signed a letter urging transparency and accountability in the aftermath of the assault on the U.S. Capitol. Read more>>>

9. Impeach the President. January 8, 2021

The LWVWY issued a statement supporting impeaching President Trump. Read more>>>

10. Certify Presidential Election. January 4, 2021

The LWVWY issued a statement supporting the certification of the 2020 presidential election. Read more>>>

11. Delay the Census Deadline. January 1, 2021

The LWVWY asked Senator Barrasso to co-sponsor S4571, the 2020 Census Deadline Extension Act. Read more>>>

12. Commending a Legislator. November 23, 2020

The LWVWY welcomed Congresswoman Cheney’s statement supporting the electoral process. Read more>>>

13. Asking More Questions About Elections. November 16, 2020

The LWVWY asked follow-up questions of the Secretary of State’s office. Read more>>>

14. Supreme Court Justice Selection. October 6, 2020

The LWVWY encouraged a deliberative selection process.

15. Voting Protocols & Virus Precautions. September 22, 2020

The LWVWY requested public clarification of polling places and voter registration protocols. Read more>>>

16. Get Out the Vote. July 27, 2020

The Secretary of State authorized to change of the electoral process to encourage and support more citizens voting. Read more>>>

17. Party Affiliation. March 2, 2020

Stop HB0209 Change of Affiliation which solves a nonexistent problem. Read more>>>

18. Public Meetings. February 19, 2020

Defeat or amend HB222 Public Meetings in order to keep SLIB meetings accessible to the public. Read more>>>

19. Letter to Legislature: Death Penalty. February 9, 2019

The Wyoming League of Women Voters supports HB0145 Death Penalty Repeal. Read more >>>

20. Death Penalty. Annual Conference, 2019

The LWVWY released a resolution for the Repeal of the Death Penalty in Wyoming. Read more >>>

21. Paper Ballots. Annual Conference, 2019

The LWVWY released a resolution on Paper Ballots. Read more >>>

22. Election Integrity. Annual Conference, 2019

The LWVWY released a Resolution To Support a Constitutional Amendment to Protect the Integrity of Elections. Read more >>>

23. Open Meetings. Annual Conference, 2018
The LWVWY released a Resolution re: Wyoming Legislature Open Meetings. Read more >>>

24. Resolution: Health Care. April 27, 2017

The LWVWY advocates that affordable health care for all citizens of Wyoming should be a cornerstone value of the Cowboy State. Read more >>>

25. Resolution: Wyoming Pay Gap. April 27, 2017

The League of Women Voters of Wyoming encourages participation by its members in the Wyoming Legislature‚Äôs study process and committee meetings to ensure that Wyoming’s elected officials pass bills advancing pay equity. Read more >>>

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