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Links to Wyoming 2024 legislative and advocacy information partners are provided below.  Posting information from a coalition organization does not imply LWVWY endorsement of that organization’s position.

2023 Legislative Session

This year, the LWVWY prioritized our efforts in advocating for state legislation related to:

  • Expanding voting rights, enhancing representation, and making elections free, fair, and accessible. (Representative Government positions)
  • Fair, equitable, and responsible funding for education and schools, healthcare, and legislators’ compensation. (Social Policy positions)
  • Missing Persons Alert System for persons of all ages, needs, and circumstances that are state-wide, particularly the Wind River Indian Reservation. (Social Policy positions)

Our lobbyist, Marguerite Herman, as well as other league members, will be actively engaged in this legislative session working to support in developing and advancing legislation in these areas.

The General Session began at noon on January 10, 2023 and ended on March 3.

Legislative Reports

Wyoming Legislative Session 2022

The Budget Session concluded Friday, March 11. The League of Women Voters of Wyoming was pleased to share weekly updates with members and voters across the state. The Legislature regularly convenes in a Budget Session beginning on the second Monday of February, which typically lasts 20 legislative days. Except for the budget bill, all other bills require a two-thirds vote from the Senate or House for introduction during a Budget Session. Learn more from wyoleg.gov.

Wyoming Legislative Session 2021

Wyoming Legislative Process: A brief overview (2020)

by Marguerite Herman, Legislative Liaison, LWV Wyo

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