Healthcare update with Healthy Wyoming

Read about a recent community meeting on healthcare in Fremont County.  Those takeaways and others from surveys and meetings will be shared during the October 5 Zoom meeting.  Register to attend.  Read more>>>

Webinar: Wyoming’s priority healthcare issues

Better Wyoming sponsors this webinar based on feedback they've gathered.  If you wish to contribute to that data, respond to their survey where you select 3 from the 10 listed possible priorities. You must register>>> Complete the survey>>>

Banned Book Day

Take at least one action to help defend books from censorship and stand up for the library staff, educators, writers, publishers, and booksellers who make them available! Download a one-sheet to print & share!      

Laying the groundwork: Census 2030

The 2021 cycle taught it's never too early to begin preparing for the next redistricting cycle.   Join LWVUS  leaders to discuss actions to ensure a fairer redistricting cycle in 2030.  Big census changes are expected, e.g., blue states down 5

Redistricting 2030: Getting Ready

Join LWVUS advocacy and state 2020 redistricting veterans to discuss actions and advocacy to ensure a more transparent process.  You must register >>>

Vote Early Day

Vote Early Day was founded by MTV as a new civic holiday.  The plan was to help every voter know how, where, and when they can vote early.   It was launched at the start of the covid-19 years and voting

Election Heroes Day

This is the third of the 2020 additions to the election cycle, sponsored and supported by the Civic Responsibility Group.  To quote the landing page of their website:  we will recognize the immense importance and work of election administration teams,

General Election Day

Since Washington's reelection in 1792, presidential elections are held in even years.  It wasn't until after the US Civil War that legislative elections were (mostly) held in even years as well.  Cost and turnout are the main reasons for aligning

Red Shawl Day: Remembering Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

Red Shawl Day is an annual national effort to bring attention to the acts of violence committed against Indigenous people, particularly women and children.  America‘s national parks are part of and surrounded by many Indigenous communities.  Being aware and spreading awareness of this issue