Management Council meets to discuss interim topics

This joint council has five members from each chamber.  They will meet in Executive Session on March 21 and will be both onsite and live streamed session on March 23.   Link here to the Agenda.

Angela Davis will speak at UW

UPDATE!!!!  Watch a recording of this talk.   Go to link>>>   WY Institute of for Humanities Research The Wyoming Institute for Humanities Research revealed their distinguished spring lecturer will be Angela Davis. She will give her lecture on Tuesday, March

Tribal Talks: Breaking Boundaries

This talk is the second of three sponsored by CWC-Jackson, the WY Humanities Council, the WY Cultural Trust Fund, and the Teton County Library.  The other dates are March 2 and May 4. The theme for this event is“Reintroduction of Bison:

Ratification of this 23rd Amendment about DC Electors

Amendment 23 was passed in 1961. A 1978 effort to ratify a constitutional amendment giving DC voting representation in Congress failed. Its text appears below.  Read more>>> Section 1. A number of electors of President and Vice President equal to the whole

Library of Congress historians discuss the 1865 equal rights petition

Library subject specialists Michelle Krowl and Ahmed Johnson will explore the historical context of the document and provide genealogical research related to the thousands of names on the petition.   Since this petition is also a new transcribing project, information about

Reading Jackie: her autobiography in books

The National First Ladie's Library sponsors this zoom event and it's one of their monthly Legacy Lectures.  In describing both the book and this lecture, author William Kuhn writes:  She was a book editor in New York for nearly two

Ratification of 17th Amendment about the Popular Vote

Amendment 17 passes in 1913.  Its text appears below. Originally state legislators chose congressional senators. A striking example of how dysfunctional this process could be comes from Delaware 1895.  Their legislators were completely deadlocked and Delaware didn't have a senator

Tribal Talks: Breaking Boundaries

This event is the last of three sponsored by CWC-Jackson, the WY Humanities Council, the WY Cultural Trust Fund, and the Teton County Library.  The other dates are March 2 and March 23. Jacki Klancher, CWC’s Professor of Environmental Science and Health

Ratification of 12th Amendment to Change Selection of President

After following the Constitutional process for the 1796 and 1800 elections of president and vice president, legislators wanted a new system.  Mostly pushed by New Yorkers, especially a State Senator named DeWitt Clinton, that new procedure became the 12th Amendment

LWVUS National 2023 Council Meeting

This year's Council begins on June 22 and ends on June 25.  The venue will be the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV.  All costs -- meals, special events, hotel -- are included in the registration. The cost is

Anniversary of 26th Amendment Lowering Voting Age to 18

In 1971, the Twenty-sixth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. In the turmoil surrounding the unpopular Vietnam War and the draft that fueled the ranks, the voting age was lowered to the draft age.  It's text is below.  Read more