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LWVWY is a respected organization in Wyoming, engaging in rigorous study and discussion of public policy issues. Members actively participate in the political process while maintaining a nonpartisan position to promote fair policies.


Post-Session Legislative News & Advice

REGISTERED voters cannot change party affiliation before Aug primary

Unregistered voters & purged voters may update party affiliation at any time including at the polls on election day.


Election Security:  The League of Women Voters of Wyoming believes that voting is a fundamental right that must be supported and protected. We oppose legislation limiting those rights that discourage voting, add expense, and create unnecessary barriers. Voter fraud is NOT occurring in Wyoming.

Wyoming elections are secure: There is no evidence of voter impersonation. There is no evidence that current absentee voting laws, use of ballot drop boxes, or early voting have resulted in any significant abuse. Restriction on voter choice of party affiliation eliminates options and discourages voting.

The LWVWY is a nonpartisan, grass-roots organization working to:

  • Protect and expand voting rights
  • Ensure everyone is represented in our democracy
  • Ensure elections remain free and accessible to all
  • Ensure people have the information they need to participate in elections
  • Promote personal political responsibility through informed and active participation in government and public policy
  • Neither support nor oppose any political party or candidate
  • Support and advocate for policies and legislation based on national and state positions as agreed upon through a study and consensus process
  • Fully commit to ensuring compliance–in principle and practice–with LWVUS’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

Membership in the League of Women Voters of Wyoming is open to all people age 16 or older We invite you to learn more about us by exploring our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want further information. Nancy Lockwood
President, League of Women Voters of Wyoming


two women standing in front of national capitol holding voter signes

Positions  Although the League of Women Voters does not support candidates or parties, we take positions on issues after we study them. See positions relating to voting and good government on our Advocacy page, and others on our state program page.

Election Materials  See our past Legislative Reports, recordings of candidate forums, and past Voter Guides on our Elections and Government.

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