Ed Buchanan, WY’s previous Secretary of State (SOS), “staunchly defended” the integrity and efficacy of Wyoming’s elections.  His office created what they called Wyoming’s  “trusted source for election information.”  That page is gone, but still accessible>>>

The page isn’t 

 So too is our trust that our SOS Today’s headline tells a different story.  Chuck Gray, WY’s current Secretary of State

Election Integrity and Security

This is your trusted source for election information. The foundation for Wyoming’s elections are built on four core principles: security, accessibility, integrity and transparency. The information below brings to light the truth about the security and accuracy of Wyoming elections and addresses the various myths about the insufficiencies and inaccuracies in Wyoming’s election process.

Information Pollution

Disinformation about election integrity is widespread! In fact, spreading false information is one of the most common methods of attack used by those seeking to disrupt our elections.

Myth or Fact?

Educate yourself to identify whether information you hear or read is a credible Fact or an inaccurate Myth. If it’s a myth, be part of the solution and combat the myth with the truth! Together, with truth, we can restore voter confidence and strengthen trust in our democracy.


2023 Legislative Session

This year, the LWVWY has prioritized our efforts in advocating for state legislation related to:

  • Expanding voting rights, enhancing representation, and making elections free, fair, and accessible. (Representative Government positions)
  • Fair, equitable, and responsible funding for education and schools, healthcare, and legislators’ compensation. (Social Policy positions)
  • Missing Persons Alert System for persons of all ages, needs, and circumstances that are state-wide, particularly the Wind River Indian Reservation. (Social Policy positions)

Our lobbyist, Marguerite Herman, as well as other league members, will be actively engaged in this legislative session working to support in developing and advancing legislation in these areas.

Week 9 Final Legislative Report

Week 8 Legislative Report

Week 7 Legislative Report

Week 6 Legislative Report

Week 5 Legislative Report

Week 4 Legislative Report

Week 3 Legislative Report

Week 2 Legislative Report–Update 1/17

Week 2 Legislative Report

Week 1 Legislative Report

Information from the 2022 & 2023 elections is posted on the Past Elections tab




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