PBS film: Nobody wants us (teenage refugees)

The National First Ladies' Library sponsors this video.  They offer events every week during March because it's officially Women's History Month.  The sponsors' slogan is  Every Month is Women's History Month at the National First Ladies' Library You must register. 

We the People’s Forum: Are our Schools fulfilling their mission?

Sponsored by Braver Angels, registration is required. The We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution Program was started in 1987 to promote civic competence and responsibility.  The program enjoys active support from state bar associations and foundations.  Go To

Join LWVUS & our UN Observers: Tech gap

International Women's Day defined its 2023 theme to be #EmbraceEquity Two very knowledgeable speakers, Michael Bishop, and Paul S. DeGregorio,  will discuss the impact of technology on elections.   How can groups such as the league take advantage of opportunities and

LWVCO Alternative Voting Methods Task Force Meeting

 Here is our plan for Monday’s meeting: I will finish up the presentation of Colorado’s Electoral Structure and Mechanics January 2023 -- Part 1 – History Lessons February 2023 -- Part 2 – Which elections should we target? March 2023

1st day of Ramadan. “May you have a generous Ramadan”

Today is the first day of the Muslim holy day Ramadan. Ramadan follows a lunar calendar and lasts for 30 days. The lunar calendar has 11 fewer days than the solar calendar. 56 countries follow the lunar calendar.Believers will pray

Webinar: Voter Engagement in Rural & Small Towns

Using creativity, empathy, and strong community ties, nonprofit staff in rural and small towns are turning the tide on low voter turnout.   Learn more about how your organization can engage voters in WY communities! Please register for the zoom meeting. 

Management Council meets to discuss interim topics

This joint council has five members from each chamber.  They will meet in Executive Session on March 21 and will be both onsite and live streamed session on March 23.   Link here to the Agenda.

Angela Davis will speak at UW

UPDATE!!!!  Watch a recording of this talk.   Go to link>>>   WY Institute of for Humanities Research The Wyoming Institute for Humanities Research revealed their distinguished spring lecturer will be Angela Davis. She will give her lecture on Tuesday, March

Tribal Talks: Breaking Boundaries

This talk is the second of three sponsored by CWC-Jackson, the WY Humanities Council, the WY Cultural Trust Fund, and the Teton County Library.  The other dates are March 2 and May 4. The theme for this event is“Reintroduction of Bison:

Strategies for Bipartisan Immigration Action

This zoom session is hosted by the LWVUS Immigration Interest Group.  The speaker, Theresa Cardinal Brown, is a Senior Advisor on Immigration and Border Policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center in DC.  Until recently, Ms. Brown was the Managing Director