Brent Bien and “WY Voter Initiatives” are named as part of the 315 volunteers who worked on this 50% property tax law.

The Secretary of State must now validate each signature.  It’s not easy considering that WY has some of the strictest rules in the country.  The signatures must:

  1. Each signer is a registered WY voter.
  2. The total number must equal 15% of the voters in the previous election.  In 2024, because of the really low general 2022 election turnout—that’s almost 30,000.  The target number for this initiative won’t be known until November 2024.
  3. The signatures  must originate with voters in at least 2/3 of the counties.

Because the group missed the cutoff date to submit signatures, it will appear on the 2026 ballot.  Read more>>>

44,000 signatures: First voter Initiative since 1996

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