The LWV of Wyoming hopes to bring awareness to the problem of jurisdictions and poorly coordinated data when the missing person lives on a reservation.  These two articles are both informative and inspirational.

The first article is the transcription of a video.  The intent of these face-to-face events is to bring together tribal and Federal authorities.  The events are typically held on tribal lands for families’ convenience.

The second article is about a 32 year old man who went missing 14 years ago.  His mother ignored pledges that the FBI was redoubling its efforts to work with local and tribal authorities, but when she was invited to one of these events everything changed.  The family could help with data and they would receive info and updates on the investigation.

Check out other good ideas of the Arizona FBI such as translating missing person flyers into Navaho and reading them aloud on community radio.


Arizona FBI Missing Person Identification Project Event

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