Our 2023 legislators typically wish to avoid federal money.  Seeing all the ways state government is in our lives, Sen. Schuler (R-Evanston ) remarked, “That’s the tough part. Where’s the balance between what some people consider government overreach and government help?”

HB 4 and HB 152 inspired continual amendments and eventually passed:  Medicaid was extended for postpartum mothers and WY has a new anti-abortion law.

Rep. Rodriguez-Williams (R-Park) sponsored HB 152 while assuring the chamber that she and other sponsors want to support mothers. Rep. Provenza (D-Albany) countered by saying that this bill does not provide care so it doesn’t support mothers. Read more>>>


From left to right, Sen Schuler and Representatives Rodriguez and Provenza

Enable or Support? What does “real” support — for WY mothers — look like?

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