Since 1978 the Federal ICWA law, all tribal adoptions have priority over non-tribal adoptions.  Before this, 80% of Native families had a child taken and placed elsewhere.

SCOTUS will decide on IWCA in June.  Are non-reservation children members of a sovereign or a racial group?

Senate File 94 would codify ICWA as state law and has passed to the House.  HB 19 would instead form a task force to study the situation.  Both the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Tribes  support SF 94.  Only the Northern Arapaho tribe supports HB 19.

When adoptions are being considered, tribal government cautions against the same bias that removed Native children from their communities to protect the children.  Senator Ellis and Representative Larsen (R-Lander) co-chair of the Tribal Relations.  She cautioned against the introjection that a well-off foster family is best for  child.  He worried about “the pendulum from swinging the other way.”

You may be interested in a May 2022 report on the Federal Indian Boarding School System.  In that report 408 Indian Schools are documented, with six in WY.



Foster parents dispute native-first custody

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