Monday was stressful.  Time was running out in the WY House, and Monday was the last day to reach and pass the Committee of the Whole.  Because the SF133 encumbered so much $, it was referred to Appropriations to be discussed Monday (even though SF133 was not on Monday’s calendar):

Spoiler Alert:  The bill is alive today, Tuesday, and passed its 2nd reading in the House.  Now here’s a remarkable testimony from Monday’s last-minute testimony about $.  The mother testifying is Karyn Chin (photo below).

“…  this body has collectively told parents and students across the state of Wyoming that we don’t have the money for school facilities or maintenance. That we can’t help parents catch a break for school supplies. That there isn’t room in the budget for community colleges. That we can’t help low-income families afford preschool, and we can’t even make crosswalks safe in school zones. I find it indefensible for the Legislature to now say that Wyoming can find $1.1 million for legal funds just so we can unwind our children’s civil rights.”

Ms. Chin is the Development and Communications Manager of the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and frequently appears in print as an advocate.

LGBTQ+ SF133: Impressive efforts to kill the bill

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