As it stands, the crossover-voting ban would not restrict voters who canceled their registration ahead of the cutoff date from re-registering and affiliating with a party different than the one they had affiliated with previously.

After a lengthy conversation between the  Corporations Committee, Secretary of State Gray, and public testimony from the LWV of Wyoming — lobbyist Marguerite Herman and league member Gail Symons of Civics 307 — and others, the loophole stands.

Important in the discussion was whether a “directive” to the County Clerks.  As succintly put by Ms. Symons, it’s not the responsibility — nor authority — of Secretary Gray to interpret laws.  Senator Case added, “My constituents don’t go and read secretary of state directives. I’m sorry, they don’t”

Below is the Lincoln Center polling place in West Laramie during the general election 2022.

“Loophole” in cross-over law: vote in GOP primary & then reregister DEM or IND

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